Healthier crêpe recipe ?

To make beautiful savory/sweet crêpes you will need :

  • Almond milk / Soy milk
  • Flour ( I like the Waitrose extra fine sponge flour )
  • Two or Three organic eggs
  • Sesame Oil or Coconut Oil
  • Salt / Agave Syrup

Step one : The Big Meet and Greet

Grab your lovely mixing bowl and add around 300 grams of flour. Add your eggs and gradually add your 75cl to 100cl of almond or soy milk. Throw a pinch of salt in the mix and a teaspoon of sesame oil.

Step two : Work Ya Wrist !

You will need to beat the mix until smooth. If you do not have a whisk ( I do not have one either ), use a fork or heat up the milk a little bit before you add it into the mix.

Step three : Let it breathe !

I like to prepare my crêpes well in advance. You don’t have to let the batter rest before you use it, but I have noticed that it does taste better when you set it aside for an hour or so.

Step four : Let’s get cooking !

Heat your pan over medium high heat. I like to use a tiny teaspoon of sesame or coconut oil to start and wait about 2 mins. Pour your batter onto the pan. Do not forget to Tilt the pan to make perfectly round crêpes.

Step five : Enjoy !

I hope you’ll find this recipe useful. It is really easy and quick to make. I use the sesame oil, salt, soy milk for the savory crêpes and the agave syrup, almond milk and coconut oil combo for my sweet crêpes.

PS : If you are making savory crêpes, you might want to add your ingredients while the crêpe is cooking ( cheese, vegetables, tofu, whatever you feel like ). It will taste better and definitely save some time !


What’s your favorite filling ? 








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