How to quit drinking Sodas ?

Heya !

I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

I was looking in my fridge earlier and felt super proud of myself. I have not bought a single bottle of soda in about two months. You ask me : But why ?

Well because when I was young(er), I was an avid drinker of diet Coca-Cola. I could never get past a day without Coke and would often drink an entire bottle a day. Completely obsessed with losing weight, I would often use the sodas to fill me up.

Now that I overcame my eating disorder, I make sure to eat enough and enough of the right kinds of foods. Breaking my nasty soda habit was difficult but oh so worth it.

Here is how I did it :

  • I stopped buying sodas. I know this sounds really stupid but this made a huge difference for me. I Started buying less and less of them and I do not have the temptation to reach for your diet coke when I am thirsty.
  • If you are still craving a glass of bubbly, try sparkling water maybe ? I buy around 5 huge bottles of Sparkling Water at the beginning of each week and store them in my fridge. I like to mix my sparkling water with lemon, squash or green tea bags.
  • I started to drink more smoothie and homemade juices. My blender is my savior. Start getting creative and try to make your own juices and smoothies. I have tons of recipes if you guys would like to know how I make them !
  • I got the right calories in. I would often grad a soda when I was starving, feeling sleepy or craving something sweet. Eating the right things and changing my sleeping habit definitely helped me out loads.
  • Exercise ! This one can be optional. I do believe that the more I workout, the more I will feel the need to drink water instead of soda to recharge your batteries.




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