Where to buy your Henna ?

Like a lot of you out there, I love my hair and want to protect it. I have always refused to dye/bleach my hair. The craziest color I have had was probably a dark red which I got from mixing two different types of henna.

I have been a henna addict for over 6 years now. I started experimenting with Henna when I was sixteen and my goal at first was only to brighten my color.

After years and years of researching, I have definitely mastered the way to do henna for my hair. I went from having the messiest bathroom to applying my henna in 10 mins without spilling a drop.

If you are thinking about switching to Henna, I recommend you think long and hard before do it because it will be harder to go back to permanent hair dyes.

If you do not wish to make a mess or lack patience, Henna will be hard to get into but oh so worth it. Your hair will never be healthier, thicker or shinier.

My henna routine 

I use Henna on my hair two to three times a month. I pick a day during the week or an evening ( usually on Sunday ).

I always prepare my henna with lemon drops, coconut oil and castor oil. I let it breathe for two hours and apply it. I usually leave the henna in my hair from 6 to 12 hours. I know it does sound like a lot but the more you leave it, the better your hair will be and look.

My two favorites Hennas are from Aromazone and Lush. Lush is more of a back up Henna because it is a bit pricey.

From Aromazone, I like to mix it up and use Red Henna from Yemen mixed with some neutral Henna powder or their Natural Black Henna.

At Lush, Iusually buy the Caca Rouge and Caca Noir as well.

You can find the Henna from Aromazone here : Henna. Prices vary between €2.50 to €6.90 ( £2.00 to £5.50 ). Definitely less expensive than Lush and will last you longer. One pack is enough for two/three applications.


You can find the henna from Lush called Caca online here : Le Caca de Lush for £9.75. It comes with six blocks of Henna. If you have long hair like me, you will use about 4 out of the 6 blocks for one application.

If you guys want, I will definitely do a before – after Henna post or I can take pictures of my henna routine for you.










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