Why Carrie from Sex and The City ruined my life

I have three best friends like Carrie. I myself have always identified with Carrie for the simple reasons that I’m not addicted to sex, not rich and not very posh like Charlotte. Although I do enjoy the company of men, love art and cherish my cat as much as Miranda, I thought that Carrie’s curly hair was way more relatable, and our shared passion for writing was a sign that her and I were meant to be.

I started to watch every episode, taking notes of where she screwed up and how to prevent it as the perfect Carrie wannabe. I often pictured myself in the same situations as she was on screen. Would I have written about men and french fries ? Absolutely. Would I have gone on a date with a smoker who half burnt my face ? Maybe not.” I need two bathroom doors ” Carrie said, “Me too Carrie, Me too”, I screamed in my head, hoping that day will come where worrying about how many doors my bathroom has will be my only concern.

Then I grew up and got angry. How come her body looks that amazing with the alcohol and the awful diet. Was smoking worth it ? Should I get into it as well ? ( please do not try this at home ). I cannot remember her owning a comb, let alone a brush. But how amazing did her hair look ?

I know I know, this is a TV series Ali, they get hair and make up done before and during each take. But still, how are we, sexually active single girls, struggling to pay rent and saving to make sure we can indulge in our hobby, suppose to relate to girls living in New York in fabulous apartments, wining and dining and brunching three to four times a week and having too much sex ? There is no way, without Tinder or any other of our magical online intercourse platforms, that girls can manage to get a different man every week ( excluding Samantha here since I would have to count in days ) home.

Also, she has way too many shoes. She does, there is no way in hell a struggling writer with a weekly column in an ok newspaper can afford to spend over 400 dollars for one pair of shoes. She obviously does not need that much as she has never used them all. She wears a different pair each episode and looking at how much time she spends in taxis and Mr Big,s private car, they are definitely good to go for another 200 miles.

How am I supposed to go on my second date if I only own four pair of shoes : summer, autumn, winter and spring ? Will my date notice ? At least now you can now get away with wearing the same dirty pair of washed out converse/leather boots six times a week. As long as you change shirts every day, that’s the rule.

She asks herself too many questions and she complains too often. Yes, it is good to be critical of yourself and ask yourself why this and why that. But do you have to make everything about you ? She even had to ruin Charlotte’s wedding and break up with Aidan on the same day. No one wants a crying bridesmaid stealing the show. What did I learn from her ? Do not date guys who will fly out to Paris and come back without telling you with a woman younger than you. Good thing I am from Paris and I’ve got a good excuse to go.

She smokes too much and manages to look healthy. Smoking is really really bad for you. And I say that because as a former parisian, I used to smoke a lot. The show makes it look sexy and appealing and OKAY because Carrie is the only one with a fashion sense. So of course, she has to smoke. Notice how not one of her girlfriends does ? And Samantha is the one to get cancer.

Along with the smoking, she does not exercise and drinks more alcohol than our classy ladies from Geordie Shore. And when she does exercise, she smokes at the same time ( aka the nordic walk episode ). Yet, she manages to get banging abs and toned legs whilst eating McDonalds with Mister Big and Chinese take-aways with Aidan.  It all makes sense though since she saves her carbs for wine.

The list can go on an on but I’ll stop here. Whilst I do enjoy Sex and the City, I think you get over it once you have made your own experiences, rather than living a washed down version of what they do on the show.You come to realise that, this is definitely not how life goes. But that doesn’t mean reality can’t be fun, exciting, sexy and memorable.

I’m just waiting for the third movie now.






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