Grocery Shopping when You’re Broke

Today is grocery shopping day for me. I usually don’t have a specific day but I have figured that if I spend money at the beginning of the week on groceries, I will have less money to spend on overpriced coffees and multiple scrunchies.

London is super expensive. Not a newsflash to anybody I know, but like any young adult, I had to learn to manage my money when I moved out of my parents place two years ago and learn how to budget.

I have also learned to buy useful food first. Food that I can store for a long time and that will last a long time. I spend around £35 for two people a week on groceries. I cook all my meals at home.

I make sure that most of what I buy can be used in loads of different meals, which gives me lots of options for my cooking. I often cook more than necessary to make sure I have enough for diner and maybe save the leftovers for tomorrows lunch.

  • Lentils. My first post Why do I love lentils so much ? will give you an indication of how much I love them. They are super cheap and nutritious. I mix them with rice, make them as soup or mix them with some vegan sausages. You can eat them cold or hot it’s an awesome way to get your protein for the day.
  • Brown Rice. I prefer brown rice over white rice. I feel like it instantly gives more flavor to any dish. Its high fiber content will keep you full longer.
  • Cheap pasta. No matter where you live, we all have them. The cheapest pack of pasta you can find, under a pound/euro or dollar. Always convenient to have around. My pack of spaghetti at Tesco is 0.20 cents. How much is yours ?
  • Whole Wheat bread. I buy mine for less than a pound and it lasts around a week.
  • Frozen Fruits and vegetables. I eat a lot of them and they tend to go bad quickly which is why I prefer to buy them frozen. It is a pound more expensive but it lasts me about a week to ten days. I buy frozen raspberries, mangoes and frozen mushrooms and peas.
  • Potatoes. I prefer to buy sweet potatoes because they last me longer and goes great with Portobello mushroom or simply cut and grilled in the oven.
  • Nuts & Seeds. I buy loads of nuts. They are expensive but since you should not have more than a handful at the time ( good fat does not mean you should eat too much of it! ), my packs last about a month. I buy Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds, roasted peas and cashew nuts.
  • Oats. Do I need to say more ? Great for breakfast, post workout meals and baking.£0.75 at Tesco for a pack of 1kg.
  • Almond Milk. I use this or soy milk in my tarts, smoothies, milkshakes, coffee. I like to mix it up and buy chocolate soy milk when I am craving something sweeter.
  • Corn Tortillas. Easy to store and convenient. Can be used to make breakfast burritos, lunch burritos, diner burritos. The list goes on.
  • Natural peanut butter. I use mine every two days. One to two spoonful on my toast. A bottle lasts me about a month. Try to find the healthiest version possible as some claim to be healthy but contain palm oil and lots of added salt.

Of course what I buy varies week to week. Some weeks, you will spend less as you will still have some products left over. If you are new to vegetarianism or veganism, try some frozen vegan sausages or quorn chicken. They are surprisingly tasty and a good way to start your journey to a healthier you, especially if you’re struggling to give up on meat products!

A special mention to those who did not make it to the list : Tofu, Coffee, Dried fruits, Toilet Rolls, Toothpaste and Vegetable crisps.

How much do you spend on groceries ?



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