Quick and Easy 5 ingredient Meal

It took me ten minutes, from chopping my peppers and wild mushrooms to constructing my amazing pittas.

You will need :

  • Two peppers ( £0.85 – pack of three at Tesco )
  • A pack of wild mushrooms ( £2.00 – pack of wild mushrooms at Tesco ) 
  • A pack of Falafels ( £1.00 – 300g of Falafels at Tesco )
  • 2 Whole wheat pitta bread ( £0.50 – 6 pittas at Tesco )
  • Optional : A teaspoon of garlic paste


I chopped all of my ingredients first and threw them all in the pan with a cup of water, salt and pepper, olive oil and a teaspoon of garlic paste. I then added my falafels to the mix as I like them just a bit warm but still firm.

I stir everything until the vegetables have softened , about 3 to 5 mins and voila, the job is done.

I open up my pittas and put the mix inside. I like to have two sauces on the side : Tzaziki or/and Mustard.

It’s amazingly easy to make and delicious.  It’s as healthy as you can get for a vegetarian lunch or dinner. If you want some more carbs, you can also add sweet potatoes and if you like your meals really colorful, you can also add red onions.


I will be in Paris soon and cannot wait to discover more vegan and vegetarian restaurants. I am not looking for super healthy restaurants as I also want to discover more vegan bakeries and restaurants that specialize in vegan and vegetarian French cuisine ( which we all know is quite rich ).

If you know any, please  let me know as I will be posting pictures and reviews on here !

Have a lovely weekend ! 



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