5 Oils for Healthy Hair

The best decision you will make is to ditch chemicals and go organic.  The best way for me to do so, without giving up on my beauty routine, was to switch my drugstore beauty products for  unrefined oils and butters.

What I like about oils and natural butters is that you can mix them with your shampoos, your makeup, your homemade facial masks and beauty recipes.. The ones I use are 100% natural and a great investment if you are on a tight budget like me.

I do use the 5 oils that I have listed down below.  I mix them with a natural shampoo base or my henna or use them when I want to detangle my curly hair or prevent and fight summer dryness.

I have talked about it before but I buy all my oils and hair products online on Aromazone or Amazon mostly.

Castor Oil

Perfect to strengthen your hair naturally, it also increases hair and eyelashes growth. A little goes a long way and a 100 ml will last a long time. I do not use it on my skin but do mix it with my chapsticks to make sure my lips are extra hydrated during the summer.

Cons : The castor oil is very thick and can be tricky to apply. I would not recommend it for thin and super straight hair as it could make your hair look very greasy.

I do however recommend mixing it with other oils. I also like to add it to my Henna once or twice a month to thicken the mix. Your henna will be thicker and smoother and you will get an amazing all natural hair mask. 2 for 1 treatment. Right ?


Coconut Oil

The coconut oil will be your favorite one if you like a strong scent. I do not use the oil for my hair masks but apply it on my hair pretty much always after shampooing.

I buy unrefined, organic coconut oil only.

After my shampoo, I use a dry towel to remove the excess water from my hair.

I wet a wide-toothed comb and add a drop of coconut oil before I go in to detangle my curls. I braid my hair in two parts and let it dry for the night. In the morning, your hair will be soft, it will smell amazing and be extra shiny.

PS : If you have dry scalp, you can massage the coconut oil into your scalp every night before bedtime.

Cons : The scent for some people.

Borage Oil

My mom actually introduced me to this oil. She was addicted to hair dye for a long time and decided to go all  natural a couple of years ago. She was browsing online and found this Borage oil. We had never heard of it before and thought we would try it as it was recommended for damaged and curly hair.

My mom uses it once a month. She mixes it with castor oil and applies it on her wet hair. She wraps it in a warm towel and leaves it on for approximately 1 hour.

You can definitely see a huge difference. Her hair will not break as easily as it used to and looks healthier and thicker.

Cons : Not a lot of interesting reviews online. It seems that this oil is not as available as the others. I would suggest you get a sample first to try it out as the results on your hair could differ.

Argan Oil

This one is a classic. You may have already used it as there are some very cheap drugstore options out there. However, like the other oils, the best way to use it is all natural and unrefined.

The benefits of Argan oil are endless as this is a multipurpose beauty product. It reduces my frizz and repairs and treats my sunburned hair.

Cons : The cons will go to products with Argan oil. There is often too little Argan oil and it gives hair a weird texture.

Olive Oil

I decided to put this one last as this is my backup oil. I do not really like the smell but have to recognize that olive oil is cheap, easy to find and efficient. It does help moisturize my hair and is one of the healthiest options out there for your hair.

Cons : The smell for me. It makes me hungry.





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