How to loosen your curls naturally

It took me a long time to appreciate my hair and especially my curls. Growing up, I was surrounded by straight hair and thought that it was the female ideal ( thank you stupid fashion magazines ).

I thought that my hair was ugly and that I could never do anything with it. It was always too thick or too curly, too black, too frizzy. The list goes on.

If you do not know what my hair looks like, you can have a look at my Eyeem account. You can see my hair evolution and the change of color with Henna.


Whilst I do love my curls now and appreciate how beautiful curly hair is,  I still use some of my 100% natural tips and tricks to loosen my curls from time to time. It is more about changing my style rather than trying to fix what I  used to consider a flaw.

Just for the record, my hair type was a 3B when I was little and is now between 3A – 2C.

I will include a link at the end of the post if you would like more information about hair types.


I know. I am addicted to Henna and it shows on my blog. I talk about it all the time for the simple reason that it works. It is an amazing 100% natural powder that we should all be using.

I do not know if it is because I use Henna a lot but it has definitely changed the texture of my hair and my curls. I did a test back in December, applied Henna on my hair once a week and left it for 10 hours each time. Half way through, my hair felt very heavy which affected my curls. Towards the end, my hair was almost wavy and not curly anymore.

If you read reviews online, people with curly hair have often shared the same experience. The more henna you use = more weight = looser curls.

Braiding your hair – The night before 

I talked about how I braid and prepare my hair in my previous post.

Remove the excess water, braid your hair and go to bed. In the morning, your hair will be soft and wavy. Run your fingers through your hair to achieve a natural look.

Cons : The curls are not as defined as they would be with the Henna or a homemade coconut milk mask. Your hair will look wavy not curly.

Coconut Milk

You will definitely come across the much-publicized coconut milk on your hair journey.

Everyone is talking about it and throwing in their two cents.

Again, when it comes to something as important as your hair, do what works for you because what works for me and my curls, won’t necessarily work for you.

I take a can of coconut milk, two teaspoons of honey, a full teaspoon of coconut oil or castor oil. My sister adds a full yogurt and lemon drops. She likes to heat the mixture, I don’t. Again, try it out and stick to what works for you.

Apply for 15 mins and hop in the shower. Rinse thoroughly.


Let me know if you’d like me to see pictures of my hair before and after each routine !

What is your natural Hair Type 

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My Henna Hair  




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