Finally back in Paris after the longest train ride ever.

We arrived so late and could not get a taxi. I got home around one in the morning and went straight to bed.

Today was a lazy day for me, I did not go out, woke up late and spent my time with my family.

Breakfast was light and refreshing as it is quite hot at the moment. I made a huge smoothie bowl. I usually make my smoothie in the morning and leave enough in the fridge for everyone to drink during the day.

This was my first time making the smoothie and I was not disappointed. I used one banana, five apricots and a bowl of frozen pineapple chunks. I added about half a small bottle of fresh water and a tablespoon of agave syrup.

It was delicious and very sweet. Exactly what I needed to wake up.

Lunch was tasty and simple.

I had asparagus, feta cheese, tomatoes and sesame seeds with a light vinagrette and a whole baguette. Naughty, I know.

I took ten asparagus, grilled them for 5 mins and removed the excess oil.

I cut four tomatoes and 25 grams of feta cheese. Sprinkled my two tablespoons of sesame seeds on top and voila !

My family has an amazing Vinegars and Cooking Oils collection so I had to make a cheeky sauce for my dish. I mixed a tablespoon of extra virgin Olive Oil with Two tablespoons of balsamique vinegar, salt and pepper, garlic and half a tablespoon of mustard.

I wanted something fresh again and like the smoothie, it was super quick to make and delicious. I also have the chance to live next to an amazing bakery and my cupboards are always packed with  tasty and fresh baguettes.

After that, around 5 o’clock, I had 1/4 of watermelon and a tablespoon of peanut butter. I almost grilled some toasts as well but I remembered the WHOLE baguette I devoured earlier.

Peanut Butter and watermelon do not go together.  The watermelon is too watery and my peanut butter too crunchy but I knew that I would have been hungry an hour later so I definitely needed the extra healthy fat.

For dinner, I made a tart. Tarts are my thing. I make them all the time, from scratch and never follow recipes. Even my own.

This tart was super healthy and ready in about 30 mins.

I grilled red peppers, zucchinis, eggplants, mushrooms and used a rest of ratatouille as a base for my tart.

Placed the vegetables on top of the Ratatouille with sesame seeds, salt and pepper.

In the oven for 25 mins and had the most beautiful and colorful dinner I’ve had in a long time.

It was oil free and healthy. Everyone loved it and it tasted even better with a side of sweet chili sauce.

Half an hour before I go to bed, I always have something small. This time, I grabbed a soya yogurt and a cup of lemon tea.

PS : I forgot my charger so uploaded the article from my phone. Please let me know if it looks weird !

Have a lovely weekend !



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