Crispy Potato Tart Goodness

Today, I had no time to cook during the day but decided that I would make something special for dinner.

I actually had the idea from my mom who complained earlier that she was not eating enough carbs.

Challenge accepted (I yelled in my head) ! Time for an amazing potato tart filled with good fat and carbs. I usually buy my dough. I found a good and cheap gluten-free crust that I thought I could try with this recipe.

5 potatoes

2 onions 

Basic Tart Dough

Salt & Pepper and Olive Oil 

Thym & Crushed Garlic 


This recipe is easy to make and will satisfy everyone’s craving. It does not contain eggs, cream & cheese.

Thinly Slice your potatoes and Onions. Throw them in a pan with some olive oil, salt & pepper & a glass of water.

Whilst you preheat your oven, transfer your dough and press it into your tart pan. I like to prick the dough with a fork as well.

When your potatoes and onions have softened, gently everything into the tart pan. I like to add some olive or sesame oil on top and sprinkle some crushed garlic before I put everything into the oven.

Bake at 180° for about 30-45 minutes, depending on your oven. Check with a fork for doneness if you have any doubt.

To give the final touch, I sprinkle some salt and thyme. And Voila ! Another easy and savoury 2 ingredient recipe.





The gluten-free crust was really crispy. The one I used did burn a bit faster than a regular one and had a slight flour taste to it.

I will definitely try to use it again but I think that It would go well with fruits : Apricots, raspberries, Apples, just sweet tarts in general !

I served the tart with a salad and no sauce. We had our meal with white wine and we were all quite full ! I will definitely make it again.


What do you think ?




11 thoughts on “Crispy Potato Tart Goodness

  1. I am aiming to transition to a fully vegan lifestyle – being of European background probably not easy but aiming to do do! Just to live as cruelty free as possible!

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