How to mix & apply Henna for Hair ( with Pictures )

Hello Beautiful people,

It was very hot in Paris yesterday so my sister and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice Henna session.

I tried to document the messy process as much as possible for you and hope this would help if you ever decide to give Henna a try.

The pictures were all taken in the afternoon, in broad day light and without a flash or a special camera.

I tried to make the process as simple as possible because I know how overwhelming the whole thing can be when you are just starting.

I usually use coconut oil & castor oil, essential oil, sometimes water infused with black tea but this time, I kept it easy and quick. I used a mix of two hennas, organic hibiscus powder and boiling water. Nothing less, nothing more, just the basic beginner pack.

Henna can leave stains on your skin and clothes so be careful. If you plan on doing your Henna, make sure you have a bunch of old towels by your side, do it in the shower, outside or in the bathtub, where you can easily clean up the mess.

You may want to do a skin test to be sure you’re not allergic. I have never heard of people having bad reactions but like everything new, better be safe than sorry.

With that being said, let’s get on to business.

Gather your ingredients

Pick your location & Gather your ingredients

As you can see, we decided to do it outside.

  • We covered the floor with old bathrobes.
  • We boiled one liter of water.
  • Picked two of our favorite Hennas and the organic hibiscus powder.
  • A big plastic bowl with a plastic spatula.

My sister also picked up this vegan collagen ( which is the tiny bottle next to the kettle ) but we decided not to use it in the end.

Cover yourself

Avoid the stains

Grab your almond butter, coconut butter, coconut oil or cream & rub your hairline, temples, ears and neck. This will prevent the Henna from leaving stains on your skin when you apply it.

As you can see, my sister and I use this amazing organic vanilla butter which was almost empty by the time we took the picture.

We also wore old gardening clothes and latex gloves. To be honest, the gloves are not really mandatory.

I see everywhere that you MUST wear them but in my opinion, you don’t have to. Yes it will leave a little color on your hands but it washes away quickly. I have done it multiple times without gloves and immediately after applying my Henna, I rubbed my nails & hands with black soap and washed them in warm water.

Now that you are ready to go, let’s move on to the actual process.

Finally coming together

Mix & Apply your Henna

On the left, you can see the amount of Henna we used for my hair. We poured about 1/4 of black Henna + 2 scoops of neutral Henna and 1 scoop of organic hibiscus powder to brighten & condition the hair.

We added the boiling water little by little and mixed it all in to get this creamy peanut butter texture ( on the right ).

This was not enough for my hair which is actually getting pretty long. My sister had to quickly do a second mix.

For her, we used the same quantity but replaced the black henna with Red Henna from Yemen which gave her mix a brown color. The quantity above was enough for her.

Do not worry if your color does not resemble mine, you are doing it right. Hennas are different and I get a different color pretty much every time.


Sister on the left & Me

Easy Application

For a smooth application, I always comb my hair and avoid washing or putting anything on it for about two days.

We took both pictures outside. My sister’s picture was taken in direct sunlight and mine under the tent as it was getting way too hot.

You can see that we both have curly hair but the curls are completely different. She has thick curly/kinky hair and I have curly hair with wavy bangs. She also has some reddish and brown highlights and I have plain and simple black hair with some VERY subtle red highlights.

Both our hair were looking dry and damaged & in need of this fabulous Henna.

All done
You can see what it looks like after application on my sister. It took me around 10 mins to apply.

  • I like to separate the hair in two parts and start from the roots.
  • I apply the Henna all around the face, behind the ears and work on one side of the head first.
  • Repeat the same process for the second half. To make sure everything is covered, I go in and apply the rest of the Henna like a shampoo & massage the mix for a good two mins.
  • I put all of the hair up in a little bun and leave it to dry.

My sister only let her Henna sit in her hair for about 6 hours.

I decided to let it sit overnight & rinse my hair in the morning. I wore a headscarf to prevent staining on my bed sheets.

I let my Henna sit for exactly 16 hours. Some people call this extreme but for me it is absolutely normal. I would suggest you take it slow if it is your first application. I would start with 3 to 5 hours and see how you like it.

Some people think that the smell is too strong but I actually do not mind it at all. If it does bother you, several drops of your favorite essential oil will help.

The Final Result

After hours of waiting, It was time to hit the shower & rinse the Henna out.

I personally never shampoo my hair after a henna and like to let it breathe for the next two days.

If you want to shampoo your hair, it is totally fine but try to go for a non aggressive and natural shampoo. You can also finish with an organic, non animal-tested conditioner.

Final Results : Sister on the right & Me
We took the pictures this afternoon in broad day light again, without flash or a special camera.

What do you think ?

My hair color has not changed but my sister has some beautiful highlights. Her hair was dry after the Henna so she conditioned it with coconut oil. My hair was not dry at all so I just let it dry outside. I will take a picture in two days to keep you updated.

If you have not checked out my previous post about Henna, feel free to have a look !

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to let me know. I am always happy to help.


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