A week without : I gave up coffee for a week

Being French with an Italian father, drinking coffee is a ritual. Coffee is so much a part of my culture that I never questioned drinking it.

And by coffee I do not mean Starbucks. I mean real black Italian coffee or plain black Americano. Without sugar, milk or cream.

When I moved to London, I had to switch from the fancy coffee machine we have at home to my beloved kettle and favorite instant coffee brand. Sad, I know.

Because making instant coffee is 5 times quicker, I would say that I went from drinking 1 – 2 cups a day to 4 – 5 a day. I also have a busier life now and will often drink coffee before I grab lunch to keep me going. Unhealthy, I know.

So I decided to challenge myself. I spent a week, from Friday to Friday without a drop of coffee.


  • No coffee no matter what.
  • I had to document my days to give an honest review.

I decided to do it during a busy week which meant going out, walking around, hanging out with friends and working pretty much every day.

DAY  1 :

I felt extremely tired. I had a good night’s sleep & woke up early. I had a busy day and almost fell asleep on the metro ride home. Thinking seemed to require more energy than usual.

DAY 2 :

I had a good night’s sleep again ( which is unusual for me ) & did not feel sleepy during the day. My energy level was okay but I was really thirsty. All day long.

DAY 3 :

I realized how much I rely on coffee to regulate my “toilet habit” which is not good at all.

DAY 4 : My night was okay. I did have to drink a cup of tea in the morning to be fully awake. I was tired during the day.

DAY  5 : I had a great night’s sleep. I was feeling a bit low around 7 pm but I think I was just hungry.

DAY 6 : I woke up energized. Nothing much happened that day.

DAY 7 :  The last day was pretty awesome. I worked out super early which gave me lots of energy for the day. I also packed my smoothie with more vitamin C which kept me going pretty well.


I feel good. I should have gone without coffee for more than a week to get bigger results but I was overall pleased with my week.

I weirdly had more energy in the evenings. I often had troubles falling asleep but had great & deep sleeps.

The big difference for me was with my stomach. I went to the toilet more regularly and I was less bloated.

I did not notice a change in my mood. I did not feel sad, annoyed for no apparent reasons or anxious.

I realized how much coffee shapes my life. I count on it when I want to go to the toilet, to feel fully awake & to keep me going.

I honestly thought that I would miss coffee more than I did. I love the smell and the taste but was not craving it like crazy.

I have decided to drink less coffee. Since I love coffee so much, why not drink it occasionally?   I love cakes and ice creams but I would not eat them every day.

I think it would also help me appreciate it more. I will try it out and let you know.

Would you go a week without coffee ?


15 thoughts on “A week without : I gave up coffee for a week

      1. So, it went ok 🙂 First day I had headache, then day two a little less, day three almost gone. On day four I visited friends whom just had a baby a month ago. The mother saw that I was tired and suddenly there was a cup of coffee in my hands, and her being a brand new mom and all, I didn’t have it in me to say no. Maybe one day I’ll try again.

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      1. Some days I don’t feel like coffee at all so I don’t have it, but if I’m being entirely honest I think I would hate to go without it completely! I like to think that this is more for psychological reasons than physical addiction!!


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