My Kind of Playlist

Hi Everyone !

I am leaving Paris today and coming back to London.

I have to catch my train very soon but I took some time to put together this little travelling playlist.

I don’t know about you but I like to listen to relaxing songs ( I mean, they are all relaxing to me ) when I travel as I have the tendency to be a little anxious. Leaving my family and friends behind is always overwhelming to me.

Warning ! 

This playlist is all over the place. Just like me.

I Need a Girl – P Diddy

Ne Partons Pas Fâchés – Raphael

Close To Me – The Cure

Home – Foo Fighters

 Why Do You Let Me Stay Here – She & Him

Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie ( my life at the moment )

Goodbye Stranger – Supertramp 

This Love – Maroon 5 ( remember when they were good ? )

The End of The world – Skeeter Davis

Corinne – Metronomy

I Try – Macy Gray 

Hey Ma – Cam’Ron

Beauty School Dropout – Grease ( love the sound of failure )

Gimme All Your Love – Alabama Shakes ( I would give everything to see them live )

Sunrise – Norah Jones

Chan Chan – Buena Vista Social Club

Season of The Witch – Donovan

Be Not So FearFul – Street & Stone 

Paradise Waiting – Vacationer

Those Lazy Days – Armando Trovajoli

I will not be posting every day this week as I have to get some work done. I do, however, have two interesting posts on vegetarianism coming up very soon.

After the documentary on Clean Eating, I will also be watching a lot more of Youtube videos on the subject and get to know the Youtubers featured in the documentary.

What are you up to this week ?


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