Living with A Meat Eater ? Scandalous !

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having a lovely day! 

So many things have been happening lately ! I just got back from Paris and I had to say goodbye to my beautiful family and my comfy house.

Also, I have been playing Pokemon Go. But only from my bed. Got to level 6 pretty much without moving which is pretty impressive if you ask me.

I have also been staying at home these past two days, writing and catching up on everything I left on the side.

I did get up to go grocery shopping for the week yesterday and I realized that I had to buy enough food for two.

Yes, I do not live alone ( who does in London really ). And the person who lives with me is not vegetarian or vegan. He eats meat. Red meat, poultry and fish.

It has never been an issue for us. If you have a look at my previous articles, I am pretty understanding and will certainly not judge you for not eating the way you do or judge your lifestyle. Because I myself had a pretty shitty way of living back then, I had to learn to be happy with myself first and the way I eat (through trial and error).

I am not and never will be in a position to criticize someone else’s dietary choices.

We usually do the grocery shopping together. If our schedules don’t allow it, he or I will make sure to text a list of the things we want. I have to be honest here, apart from meat, poultry and fish, we practically eat the same thing which make things easier for us. We both like our orange juice, rice, tofu, lentils, sweet potatoes ; so we have a big advantage.

He will buy meat sometimes or order it when we eat out but he hasn’t eaten much of it recently, surprisingly enough.

Here is what he had to say on the subject : Living with you makes me healthier, it also makes me think of the issues of meat production because you are a constant reminder. Usually, I’d watch one documentary about it and forget everything the next day. I also try more veggie stuff now and I would not have even bothered to do so before.

If we want to eat out, most time places are quite accommodating in London.

In my opinion, it really should not be an issue. No matter the nature of the relationship, it is important to be flexible.

You don’t have to cook the meat yourself. You don’t have to buy it either, hell, you don’t even have to look at it ! It will only be hard if you make it hard.

I consider it unhealthy if your diet gets in the way of a friendship or a relationship. I always make sure to accommodate my guests and friends and they do the same for me. It works just fine ! Of course it would be nice to live with a bunch of vegetarians but until this happens ( if it ever happens, I am 23 now I don’t want to have to share a flat anymore ) I will happily share my kitchen with my meat eater friends.

Tell me, where do you stand ?

Would you prefer living with someone who has the same diet as you ? 



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