My Curly Hair Routine

Hi Everyone,

I have to get ready for dinner at L’Atelier Joel Robuchon. They have a vegetarian menu which I can not wait to try.

This is a casual dinner but as always, I am an anxious person and socializing is a big deal for me. If I am gonna give my audience shit personality, better give them face as well. And hair. BIG hair.

A big part of my getting ready routine is taking care of my hair. Because my hair is a nightmare to deal with, I always feel like if I nail the hair, I can keep the makeup light.

As always, I will be including before and after pictures. Natural light only, no flash and, I will not be using a straightener.

My hair looks like “@ffhqhq@” because I have been wearing it up in a bun for the past three days. It is just too damn hot in London and I honestly could not be bothered.


Here is my hair before the shampoo. As you can see, it is looking a bit dry and the color looks dirty.

Is it just me ? That’s one thing I hate about having black hair. When it is not shiny or when I have not been taking care of it properly, the color seems to fade away and it just looks really “pale” and meh. Still black, but not as intense as it should be.

HAUNTING (1).png

I will be using three products today. My coconut oil & shampoo base from Aromazone and my dry oil from Nuxe.

Nuxe is unfortunately not Cruelty Free. I bought this product back in January, thinking that the brand was 100% cruelty free but they sell their products in China ( for more information : Nuxe ).

Since it is quite pricey, I will keep using it instead of throwing it away but I won’t be buying anything again from this company.

I mixed my shampoo with lemongrass essential oil. I did not want to mix it with anything else because I will be using the two oils later on.

I usually use a wide-toothed comb on my hair but I lost it. Or left it in France I don’t know.

So I used my Soft Boar Bristle Brush & my finger to detangle my curls and limit the damage. I also made sure to remove the excess water.

Untitled design (21).png


I would usually rub the comb with a drop of coconut oil but since my comb was missing ( I know I said it before but it is devastating when you have curly hair),  I warmed the product in my hands and avoiding my scalp, I applied the oil on the entire length of my hair.

I made two gross looking braids and wrapped it all up in a warm towel.


Almost done ! I usually leave the towel on for half an hour, take it off, undo the braids and let my hair dry naturally. Just a weird habit of mine.

When my hair is almost dry, I take my Nuxe – Huile Prodigieuse, few drops on my hands, and go through my curls with my fingers.

It gives my hair a little extra shine and it smells delicious.

Update : Oh my ! Guys I am so sorry. I just came back from dinner, ( Amazing by the way. The vegetarian dishes were on point. Best food I have ever tasted. ) and I thought that I had uploaded my article but I did not.

Please forgive me. I do have two pictures and you can see my hair. The first one was taken before I left. The second one on the right was taken in my bathroom with the lights on when I came back.

Untitled design (22).png

I will make it up to you I promise !





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