Cruelty-Free MakeUp – Drugstore Edition

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having a fantastic day !

So I bought a ton of cruelty-free makeup from Superdrug this week. Bit of a shopaholic here.

As you know, I am still experimenting with cruelty-free brands. I am trying more drugstore brands because most of my “old” makeup ( non cruelty-free ) was exclusively high-end and my poor conditioned self used to think that “if the product is expensive, it’s gotta work”.

I was such a spoiled little brat.

I am not bashing high-end brands by the way. I love me some Urban Decay ; Too Faced or Anastasia Beverly Hills, but I am open to finding new cruelty free products for a better price.

When I went to Superdrug, I was looking for a good eyeshadow palette to match my wardrobe. I’m a neutral tone kind of girl. I like earthy colors, white and black. My favorite palette of all time is the Naked 2, but it is starting to run out now and I needed something simple yet still pigmented.

I bought two eyeshadow palettes from Barry M and Sleek MakeUp.

Untitled design (23).png
Barry M Super Natural & Sleek Oh So Special 


  •  Barry M Super Natural Eyeshadow Superdrug exclusive palette is £6.49 for 8 shades. It also comes with a mirror and two double ended applicators.
  • Sleek I-Divine Oh So Special palette is £8.99, comes with 12 shades, a mirror and one double ended applicator.


  • Barry M palette definitely has the cheapest feel. It has a cardboard quality to it and is very light. The design is nice with some golden writing which I like. The palette weights 11.2g
  • Sleek MakeUp is definitely keeping it simple. The palette is black with Sleek Make Up painted in reflective black on the front. It is heavier than Barry Ms and looks and feels like simple plastic. The palette weighs 13.2g.

Eye Shadows

  • Barry M palette comes with 8 shades. From a very pale nude to a deep and shimmery purple. The colors are very similar to the Naked 3 palette. I was very attracted to the shimmery purple one and the bronze color which is mostly why I bought the palette.

Untitled design (24).png

  • Sleek Palette comes with 12 shades. If you have a look at the pictures below, you can see that both palettes have similar shades. The Sleek MakeUp palette does come with a nice range of brown, which for me comes in handy if I want to fill my brows. I bought this palette for a nighttime look. I love the shimmers and I thought that the colors looked really pigmented and were going to blend easily.

Untitled design (25).png

I do apologise for the messiness of my palettes. I bought and used them both twice to try them out.I dabbed into most of the shadows. And it shows.

Now on to the swatches. I used my fluffy eye shadow brush from Ecotools and the double ended eye shadow brush from my Naked 2 palette.

I cleaned my brushes in between swatches and gave each color three swatches all across my arm. I also primed both arms with my eye base primer from KIKO as I would never wear eyeshadows without a primer.

1 (1).png

The first four shades look really light on my skin. I do not know if it is because of my skin color but I did prime my skin and gave a good three swatches for each shade.

I would use shade 2 for under my brows and inner corners of my eyes to give a little bit of highlight.

I really like shades 5 & 6. They were smooth on my skin and I feel like I could really work with them for a daytime or nighttime look or as transition shades.

The Shades 7 & 8, I just do not care for them. The 7 is a bit too grey for me and the 8 has nothing purple about it. It looks like a very dark brown with a tiny bit of shimmer. I’ll pass.

1 (2)


Here are the swatches for the Sleek MakeUp palette.

Like Barry M shadows, shades 1 & 4 are okay but I would not use them.

Should I even talk about shade 6 ? Where is it ?

I like shade 8 but I would rather use it for my eyebrows.

My favorite is definitely shade 10. It is very pigmented and gave me the result I was expecting unlike the other shadows.

11 & 12 are very disappointing in my opinion. 11 was supposed to have some purple to it just like Barry M but looks like a slight shimmery brown on my skin. 12 is black and very pigmented which is nice but hard to apply and stained my brush. I had to wash it 3 times to get it off.

The two palettes are okay for the price and the shades. They are both under £10 and offer basic shades so for a beginner or just to complete a daytime look, they will work just fine.

The only highlights of the two palettes are shade 10 for Sleek and shades 5 & 6 for Barry M. I prefer the Sleek MakeUp palette because of the easy blending and the long lasting wear.

I will definitely be using them again but, sadly, my quest for the perfect drugstore cruelty-free eyeshadow must continue.

Any ideas where to look next ?


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