Vegan / Vegetarian and serving meat ?

Hi Everyone,

How are you today ?

I haven’t posted in three days again and it feels like a lifetime. I have not been too inspired lately.

I did go to diner with one of my good friends here in London. We went to this Vegetarian South Indian Restaurant called Sagar which I love because they will also pack you doggy bags. A plus if you tend to over-order like me.

The post for today will just be a quick rant. This is something I hear a lot and I wanted to write about it for anybody who may feel bad because of it.

It is totally understandable to be vegetarian or vegan and to work in a restaurant that serves meat.

People who tell you otherwise need a reality check.Whether you consider being vegetarian or vegan a diet or a lifestyle, it has nothing to do with your job.

Sure we would love to all be working our favorite job or having enough money to be able to travel and help the animals, or do more activism. Hell, I bet most of us wouldn’t mind not seeing meat on a plate at all for the rest of our lives.

But we have to be pragmatic here. The world does not revolve around your lifestyle or diet. You will not be excused to not pay your bills or rent just because you’re a vegan or vegetarian and you’d rather be evicted than serving meat to customers.

Eventually, opportunities will appear that allow you to live more ethically. But anyone who would tell you that you are a bad vegan or vegetarian because you work for a fast food chain or non-vegan/vegetarian restaurant is out of line.

If you can live without having to work a single day of your life in a restaurant or in contact with meat, that’s great. But don’t put other vegans or vegetarians down for not having the choice.

I have worked as a waitress before and I have also worked as a customer service agent for a food delivery company. Customers would ask me about menu options or explain to me how they wanted their meat. Was I supposed to say : ” Oh no I’m sorry but I don’t condone your dietary choice so I will not be serving you ?”

If you feel guilty about serving meat, perhaps start recommending vegan or vegetarian dishes? It is very rare nowadays to have a restaurant which does not offer a vegan or vegetarian option. You can even eat vegan at Taco Bell or Dominos Pizza.

There is no such thing as a perfect vegan or vegetarian. Sometimes life gets in the way. I would rather earn enough money to be able to afford a roof over my head, and continue my vegetarianism personally, than starve myself because I can’t find a job that takes my beliefs into account.

Not all careers are accommodating. 

I do not mean to insult or bash anyone’s beliefs. If you’re really principled about food ethics there are jobs out there for you. I am just speaking from my own experience. Each time I moved to another country, wanted to work during the summer, the fastest job I could get to pay my bills was as a waitress or a barista.



9 thoughts on “Vegan / Vegetarian and serving meat ?

  1. Completely agree! We don’t live in a vegan world and we need more positivity and support for each other. In a global economy, there’s no such thing as a 100% boycott. We all have to do what we can where it’s possible and practicable, and that’s different for all of us. We don’t always have the choice to work for a company that aligns with our values. It might be serving meat, or a sleazy sales job, or at a company with unsustainable environmental practices. We can make choices with our consumer practices even if we can’t always afford to choose where we work, and that still matters. Thanks for the post. 🙂

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  2. Agreed! I am an engineer. My first job as an engineer was a military contract that required me to perform analysis on bomb carrying aircraft. I am also a pacifist so I wasn’t too happy about that particular task but of course I did my work with due diligence as it was my job.

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  3. I kind of agree to your post, off course we would not be a less vegan or vegetarian if we would be serving meat. From my experience I myself was not very comfortable when I was asked to take a meat piece and chrun it in the food processor and later feed it to one of my paitent, when I had to do it at my work place. As I am a born vegetarian, just the smell of meat and the thought of feeding it. My hands did not agree to do it.


      1. Yes, I did raise it up to the HR and they were quiet understanding about it. 😀 but ai loved reading your post. I do completely agree, appreciating meat lovers and sitting with them to eat or plain serving would never make us less vegan or vegetarian. It is just a thought process in our mind which at times hold us back.

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