A week on Huel – Can I live off liquid for a week ?

Hi Everyone,

Today is Monday and you know what that means. Well, nothing really since I upload so randomly.  But I hope you all had a great weekend.

I thought that today I would do something different as I have some time to write, do some research and chill at home.

Do you remember my first post about vegan snacks ? I quickly mentioned Huel. Now keep in mind that the post was written over a month ago.
I had just discovered Huel and was definitely obsessed with how convenient it was. I was having one Huel a day maybe for breakfast with fruits or as a post-workout snack. I never really tried it as a “real” meal replacement.

Since then, I have not been using it. Mostly because I have been away. I opened my cupboards this morning and saw that I had half a bag left and a chocolate flavor sachet. Awesome.

So I guess this week is the week. I will be having Huel for breakfast – lunch and diner. For five days. Five days only, from Monday to Friday because I will be going away for the weekend.

As always, here are the little rules :

  • Record how I am feeling throughout the week
  • Have three-four meals a day with Huel. I will also keep it simple and not add anything else like superfood or almond milk instead of water.
  • I am allowed coffee and tea.
  • Mix the Huel with the chocolate flavor sachet in case of cravings.

This post is not sponsored. I will write another post or an update at the end of this one  ( depends how much time I have next week ) after my five days on Huel.

Again, I am just a random girl on the internet, talking about life and experimenting stuff. What works for me does not have to work for you. This is not a first impression review as I have had Huel before and I liked the taste. I like the product and would happily purchase it again.

This is an experiment : Can I live off Huel and liquid for a week ?

If you go onto the website, you won’t need to click on different tabs to find all the information you need. Just scrolling down the first page is enough.

To summarize Huel : it is a nutritionally complete powdered food , 100 % vegan made from  Oats, Pea Protein, Rice Protein, Flaxseed, MCTs from Coconut, Sunflower Lecithin, Sea Salt, a bespoke Vitamin and Mineral Blend, Vanilla Flavour and a Sweetener.

So far so good right ? I actually bought mine vanilla flavored ( they also offer a gluten free option and an unflavoured & unsweetened option ) because I am not a fan of  “powders” ( protein powers, etc) and if I have to drink all my meals, it better be tasty and easy to swallow.

My first order of Huel was £45.00 and it came with a shaker bottle and a t-shirt which is a nice touch. I wear my t-shirt to sleep but the shaker bottle comes in handy & the lid is safe enough for me to carry the shaker bottle in my bag.

Let’s make our first Huel, shall we ?

“To prepare Huel as quickly as possible, add approximately 5 parts water to the shaker/blender first, then add Huel, screw on the lid tightly and shake/blend for approximately 10 to 20 seconds.”

If you wish to know more about how to make your Huel, please check out their How to Use Huel page.

The website is well done, it provides all the information you need and the articles are short & concise.

Untitled design (26).png

So here is how I made my Huel for breakfast aka first Huel of the week :

Three Scoops of Huel + Water + Shake = 471 calories. I actually left my Huel half an hour in the fridge before drinking. I had a coffee whilst waiting and searched the web for more product reviews.

They have a long page of testimonials which you can have a look at here : Huel Testimonials, but I decided to look elsewhere.

Here is some of the reviews I have gathered :

Laura found it convenient but “do not think it will be the ‘future of food’- I see it’s benefits – I just can’t imagine a world where everyone is drinking what they need to survive”.  She also stated that it was definitely great for saving time and for people who tend to skip meals.

Keeley said “For convenience, occasionally, I think it is fine. For people who aren’t going to eat ‘properly’ anyway, I think it is a good option. For me? I’ll definitely keep a pack in my cupboard for those days when prepping and cooking a meal is just too much.”

Lesli said “It’s a great short-term / occasional solution to problems in my life that revolve around lack of time and energy for creating lunches some days. There are a lot of advantages to Huel, from convenience, to nutrition” but, she prefers “less processed foods in their more natural state, with the occasional Huel supplement.”

It seems that the reviews I read online ( the three above are just a sample ) agree that Huel is in fact convenient but most of them are not ready to give up “real” food yet. Most of them mentioned how eating is also about taking time to chew your meals & the colors in your plate which Huel unfortunately can not provide.

I am looking forward to giving you my opinion as I have high hopes but also great apprehension for this week. When I cook, I want my meals to taste good & be visually pleasant. Not having anything to show off for a week will definitely be a challenge but I am looking forward to the results.


It is Wednesday, almost 7 pm here in London and I am having my dinner aka Huel number 3. I just thought I would let you know what’s up.

Monday night : I realized that I would not have enough Huel for the week and had to place an order. And it came this afternoon ! So I am pretty happy about that.

It is going okay. I am not hungry and I even made lunch and dinner for my roommate whilst sipping on my Huel.

Untitled design (27).png
My Huel Moodboard

Tuesday night : I went to the movie (Suicide Squad) and stared at the popcorn for about 10 mins. I realize that eating is so much more than we think it is. It requires your sight and your nose, your hands.. I don’t want to make it erotic but food is so beautiful. Especially when we are lucky enough to be able to express ourselves with it.

As you can tell, all this Huel is making me nostalgic. I did crave something I could chew or bite, just something other than liquid this afternoon but it went away quickly.

 2 days left !

 Final update

Hi guys !

So I just came back from Keswick. It was amazing and I will probably write about my weekend tomorrow.

I failed the Huel experiment. On the last day. On Friday, I was starving and instead of making another Huel, I just opened my fridge and devoured 400 grams of blueberries ( worth it ).

I stand by my mid-week review. Yes Huel is convenient and easy to make. Yes I like the taste and I will buy it again.

Will it ever replace all my meals ? No.

I am lucky enough to be able to buy groceries every week and cook pretty much every day. Cooking is therapeutic. I love the feeling of knowing what I put in my body and hanging out in my kitchen with my friends, taking it all in. The smells, the textures, the colors..

DO buy Huel if you are always on the go, if you need the extra calories for your diet, if you can’t handle solid food in the morning. And if you have £45.00 to spare.


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