Fall MakeUp – Lips Edition ( and always Cruelty-Free )

Hi Everyone,

How are you all doing today ?

I am so excited for fall this year. I am not a fan of pumpkin everything ( I actually hate pumpkin ) but I am definitely into darker shades, for my clothes and my makeup.

I have selected the four lipsticks I will be wearing this fall. I will definitely purchase more but, in the meantime, I hope you enjoy my fall starter pack.

The first one is by far my favorite. It goes on like butter. It is very creamy and pigmented which is how I like my lipsticks.

Untitled design (34).png
Sleek MakeUp – True Color Vamp

It is a matte lipstick available online and at Superdrug ( for my lovely English readers ). It costs £4.99 and comes in this black tube. I am not going to lie, it looks tiny compared to my other lipsticks. But for the price and long-lasting lip color, I am in ! 

The second one is from KIKO. I bought it a while ago, thinking it will be perfect for a hot date but I am looking forward to wearing it this fall. If you can’t tell the difference between this one and the one above, I will include swatches for all the lipsticks at the end. 

Untitled design (36).png
KIKO Velvet Passion – Matte Lipstick 317

This one is creamy as well and smells wonderful. It is a bit brighter and lighter on the lips than the Sleek one. It retails for £10.90 online.

Doesn’t this color scream fall to you ? I can’t be the only one.

The next one is a liquid lipstick. 

It is called Timeless and is supposedly kissproof. I have worn it many times but haven’t had the opportunity to kiss someone with it ( I will keep on trying I promise ). This color is a beautiful nude. It is actually the first nude I have ever worn and loved and you guys know how hard it is to find the perfect nude.

Lord & Berry – Timeless

As you can see, I have used it quite a lot and will definitely be purchasing it again.

I had a look today and it is still available online for £15.00. I will add links to the products at the end if you guys are interested in checking them out. Those will not be affiliate links as I am not sponsored by the brands.

The color is gorgeous and the application easy. The only downfall for me is that it becomes very patchy during the day. You will have to pay extra attention when you eat or drink anything which can be annoying.

Finally an ELF lipstick on this blog ! I was wondering when I would be talking about their products on here and fall is the perfect occasion.

Untitled design (38).png
ELF Mineral Lipstick – Cheerful Cherry

This lipstick is not as creamy as the others. It is moisturizing and light on the lips. The color is bright with a glossy finish. I do have to bring it with me whenever I go out because it tends to wear off easily ( in all fairness a glossier formula will wear off quicker than a matte  formula ).

I couldn’t find it on the website as it has been discontinued but, ELF has a new mineral lipstick line. The link will be at the end. If you think of a color which could be a good dupe, let me know as I actually really like the formula and would happily purchase it again.

Lord & Berry.png
Swatches for all four lipsticks

Lord & Berry – Liquid Lipstick ( ASOS ) & Lord & Berry – Liquid Lipstick

Sleep MakeUp – True Color Lipstick ( BOOTS ) & Sleek MakeUp – True Colour Lipstick

KIKO – Matte Lipstick

ELF – Color Moisturizing Lipstick ( the lipstick was discontinued but they have a new color moisturizing line ).

I honestly can’t wait to wear them all !

What will you be wearing this fall ?


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