Amazon Pantry : Hit or Miss ?

Hi Everyone,

I have something a bit different for you today.

I ordered food with Amazon ! Not uncommon I know but I thought it would be a fun experience and I also wanted to compare the prices between my regular grocery shopping at Tesco and a regular grocery shopping with Amazon.

To order with Amazon Pantry, you have to be subscribed to Amazon prime.

From there, you have access to the amazon pantry with a good range of products from different supermarkets. This was the part I was most interested in because I mostly shop at Tesco. It is not the cheapest but it is convenient as I live in Central London and wouldn’t be caught dead walking more than 15 mins for groceries.

Before we get into my Amazon pantry experience, I just wanted to give you a little reminder of what I usually buy. I spend between £30 to £35 on groceries a week. I buy mostly vegan/vegetarian products and lots of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.

Amazon pantry does not offer vegetables, fruits or dairy products in case you are wondering. So I got £38 ( around 45 euros ) of groceries excluding things like almond milk, bread.. You get the idea.

When you go on amazon Pantry, you get several categories to choose from. From Food Cupboard to Pets and Household Supplies, everything is pretty well arranged and once you get familiarized with the site, it does make grocery shopping easier.

I was able to shop with Morrison’s and cheaper brands than Tesco which was definitely a plus.

Looking at my shopping list, the only items on sale were the coffee and the tiny jar of Marmite.

I have to be honest, I was hoping to save some money with this one, considering I would have to go buy my vegetables and fruits later on.

To give you an idea of what I bought, here is some of my shopping list :

Untitled design (39).png

The delivery was not the best. But it is always a hit or miss with Amazon. They are mostly on time but often they don’t try very hard to check if you’re home.

This time was a miss, I made sure I was at the flat, my phone was charged and on loud, the doorbell was ready to be rung, and the concierge was there, but of course, I got an email saying “we tried to deliver but..”. It was a small inconvenience yes, but since they did schedule another delivery for the next day, I let it go.

The box arrived the next day in the afternoon, the food was packed properly and nothing had spilled. I was more than happy to see it as I was getting hungry.

Well packed.png

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. It is nice to be lazy when you can afford it. It is definitely not a thing I would do every week but I could definitely spare one takeaway here and there once every two months in favor of a special amazon pantry delivery.

I do wish that they would have more discounts or items on sale.

Considering you have to pay for Amazon Prime to gain access to the pantry and it does not even include fresh vegetables/bread & fruit, convenience is the main selling point.

If you are bored of your local supermarket, go have a look on there, they have a wide range of products and you might find something you can’t get anywhere else.

Have you ever shopped with Amazon Pantry ?

What did you think ?


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