Easy Lentil & Rice Curry


I have been so inspired by Fall lately that I had to put together this quick recipe for you ! It is full of flavor, high in protein and will keep you full throughout the day.

For this quick recipe, you will need :


Red or Green Lentils

Brown Rice

Curry Powder

Coconut milk

Chili Powder

One red onion

Green peas

Salt & Pepper

So I bet you all know how to cook lentils & rice. Throw them both in the pan with some salt, cover it up and check on it once in a while to avoid overcooking and transforming it into a mushy mess.

For the curry sauce, grab another pan and heat it up with some coconut or olive oil. Once it is warm, pour the coconut milk with curry powder and chili powder.

Keep stirring when you add the ingredients, to make sure the taste is even and avoid any chunks.

Add the onions, peas and whatever leftover veggies you might find in your fridge.

I added the salt & pepper at the end because I wanted to get the curry paste right. If I use mild curry powder, I often add a spoonful of mustard.

This recipe is so simple, you have plenty of room to switch it up and make it your own. Sesame seeds, soy sauce or whatever else you fancy.

I always make more than I need and leave enough for the rest of the next day. I pour the rest of the sauce into the pan with the rice and lentils and heat it up for lunch. And it tastes even better the second time round!

The dish is healthy, very filling and perfect for a relaxed night in.


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