Easy Vegan Rice & Vegetable Recipe


I am back with another recipe ! And it’s easier than the last one !

If they keep getting easier each time, I soon won’t have enough material for an article.

For this easy(ish) vegan recipe you will need :

Rice ( Brown, Long, Short, White )

Vegetables ( your favorite ) 

Soy Sauce 

(Sesame Seeds)

Hot Sauce

Olive Oil 


Minced Garlic

Untitled design (1).png

  • Cook your rice and set it aside whilst you take care of the vegetables and sauce
  • Make the sauce :

In a bowl, pour one spoonful of olive oil, one spoonful of soy sauce, drops of hot sauce, and as much minced garlic as you want. I added the salt and pepper at the end as the recipe already had soy sauce and a peppery hot sauce.

  • Throw your vegetables in the pan and wait for them to cook a little bit. Add a tiny bit of water and pour your sauce. Cover it up, lower the temperature and put on a timer.

I like my vegetables crunchy, especially carrots, so I always tend to leave them a little bit raw.

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And you are done. Easy peasy vegan recipe for my busy people. I think you’ve noticed by now that my recipes are very simple. The twist is often in the sauce  !