Spending your Halloween with Netflix

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would do something a bit different today since it is almost Halloween. I know that most of you are counting the days until we can stuff our face with candies ( gelatine free of course ) and display our best Pinterest find costumes.

I am a huge horror fan. I have watched the classics, the comically bad and notoriously disgusting ones. In fact, I am confident that I would ace any horror quizzes.

Whilst I am a huge wuss and couldn’t hurt a fly if my life depended on it, I enjoy being scared and get my sweet dose of adrenaline rush.

  1. Scream


A classic needs no introduction.  Nothing will ever truly compare to the Scream movies. The actors, the soundtrack, the iconic mask & Courteney Cox awful haircuts. So 90s.

2. 30 days of Night


Scarier than Twilight and gorier than Morse, this movie will make you fear the unknown. You’ll never be happier to live in a crowded city. Everywhere but Alaska please.



The only movie stuck in my head for days. I remember holding my pee for hours during the night after I watched it ( I was 19 and it lasted two weeks ). The soundtrack is the most terrifying. One you will not be able to forget.

Tiny Tim – Tip Toe Through The Tulips

4.The Babadook


I personally love the movie. I know that the reviews are mixed but the story behind the scare is heartbreaking. It makes you wonder who’s the real monster.

5.The craft


I honestly don’t know what I love the most about this movie. The fact that it could be just a twisted remake of Clueless or the fashion. Or Robin Tunney before the Mentalist ?

This masterpiece came out the same year as Scream. Coincidence ? I don’t think so.

6.The Others

giphy (6).gif

It is real life Nicole. And not the one you were hoping for. The only plot twist in a horror movie I didn’t see coming. 

Beautifully shot as well.

7.Pan’s Labyrinth


I could not talk about horror movies without Guillermo del Toro. I am still fighting with my friends to this day about the ending.

If you’ve seen it, please tell me I am right and give me your opinion down below !

Happy Halloween !


8 thoughts on “Spending your Halloween with Netflix

  1. Thank you for liking my recent post. I’m not a big fan of horror movies and books but I enjoy baking for Halloween, like last year.


    Or the year before … the orange panna cotta part wasn’t very tasty (I used orange food colouring and orange chocolate melts which gave it a funky taste) but the dessert looked great. 🙂


    The chocolate florentine monsters I made that year were cute too.


    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s about it for my Halloween baking … there are no little ones or parties to bake for and the inspiration is pretty current as is my blog. As you can see, the LJ posts go back further but I’ve only had a camera since Dec 2012 to illustrate them with.

        I haven’t seen Pan’s Labyrinth in years. I should really dig it out and watch it again cause I can’t remember it at all. I DO remember liking The Others and didn’t get the ‘surprise’. 🙂

        As to 30 Days of Night, I’m pretty sure I have a copy somewhere. I’m a movie hoarder but don’t actually get around to watching them until I’m in the ‘mood’. It’s hard to get in the mood to watch a horror picture without company.


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