Spending Halloween with Netflix 2 – Comedy Horror Edition

Hi Everyone,

I just did a post on Horror movies to watch on Netflix this Halloween and I thought why stop there ? Why not make another list ?

Do you want to get scared but not really ? Do you feel like only laughter can cancel fear ? Fear for more, I have the perfect list for you.

1.Lesbian Vampire Killers


Stupid but funny popcorn flick.


giphy (9).gif

Irreverent take on the zombie genre. Any movie with Bill Murray is oscar worthy ( even if he doesn’t believe in “winning an oscar” ).


giphy (10).gif

Clever twist with smart humour. It’s definitely not what you think it is.

4.What we do in the shadows

giphy (11).gif

Hilarious take on the vampire film. Poke fun at society and every vampire movie. Yes Twilight, we are talking about you again.

5.Scary Movie

giphy (12).gif

I mean come on. It is pretty funny. Would I dare to say, the most stupidly funny parody out there ?

Special Mention to :

  • Shawn of the Dead ( this should be on Netflix already )
  • Warm Bodies ( this should be on Netflix )
  • The World’s End ( this should definitely be on Netflix )

giphy (13).gif

Happy Halloween !


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