How to use Lush Henna – Caca Noir & Caca Rouge

Hi Everyone,

This is not going to be a “use henna because it’s better for your hair” type of post.

I have already done two posts on How I do my Henna which will be linked at the end of this one.

Today we will only focus on the Henna from Lush as I have not really talked about it yet.  I use Henna every month and my favourite is from Aromazone. The Henna from Lush is kind of a backup option for me. The colours are less vibrant and they have less choice.

It is, however, a good Henna for beginners and busy people. It promises quick results and the cocoa butter will allow you to skip the after-henna hydrating process.

Here is how I do it :

My hair is very long and curly. To cover everything, I need about five to six blocks of Henna. I never go for one colour only and this time, I picked CACA ROUGE & CACA NOIR.

Henna - Caca Rouge.png

1.Gather your ingredients and everything you need to remain stain free. The process is messy and you need to be prepared. Use gloves for your hands, vaseline for your ears and forehead, and clingfilm to wrap your head after application.

Bonus Tip : Before you pour your henna into your recipient of choice, cover it with the clingfilm. It will be easier to wash and to throw away your leftover henna without making a mess.

2.Cut your Henna into separate blocks. I like to cut my henna and pour the water on top little by little. It allows me to see how much I need and control the texture.

Bonus Tip : Adding Honey or Yogurt will smoothen your henna paste.

3.Brush your hair and separate it in two before going in with the Henna. Start from the roots towards the length of your hair.

Bonus Tip : If you feel lazy after you’ve done your roots and covered your hair partially, gather your hair at the top of your head, dump some henna on top and massage it in like a shampoo.

 4.Cover your hair with clingfilm. I’ve tried many different ways: I’ve let my hair free, I have covered it with a warm towel, but the best technique is the clingfilm one. You can walk around normally and you will keep the Henna in longer, I guarantee it.

5.Park your shower products because it’s going to be a blood bathWhen you rinse off your henna, start to wash off from the back of the head first and work your way up. Once you’ve gotten rid of all the henna at the back of your head, start rinsing off the rest.

Bonus Tip : Get in the shower instead kneeling down, head in the sink or bathtub. It’s called damage control and it works.

6.And you are done. Your hair will smell but in all fairness, the Henna from Lush is less stinky than other 100% natural Henna, it’s smoother and you don’t need to keep it on for over two hours to get treatment and colour.

Bonus Tip : A couple of drops of essential oil in a warm towel and set your favorite blow dryer on low. Your hair will smell way better and the color will be deeper.

giphy (14).gif

I hope this post was helpful ! Lush has some amazing cruelty-free and all natural products.

The Henna is a bit expensive ( in my opinion ) but a good way to get into dying your hair with Henna when you don’t know where to start.

For more information and pictures on how I do my henna ( step by step ), click on the link below !

My Henna


3 thoughts on “How to use Lush Henna – Caca Noir & Caca Rouge

    1. Hi you 🙂 Henna is pretty much for the long run. It creates a thick layer on top of your actual hair.

      When I used to do reddish Hennas, the highlights and color would last for ages ( 6 months + ) and I would just do other henna ( for fun & treatment ) in between to get a bit of shine back !

      The black henna I’m doing right now is 100% permanent !

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