11 Vegan options from London Restaurants that are better than Sex

I was reading Grace Francesca  yesterday and I burst out laughing. Her post on 26 things better than sex was hilarious and way too real.

I thought I would do the same with vegan food from restaurants in London which have given me some major orgasms over the past two years.

( I am not sponsored and I have personally tested every single thing on this list. I would never recommend what I don’t believe in ! )

giphy (15).gif

Franco Manca vegan pizza. Happiness for under £5.00.

Benito’s Hat spicy mushroom burrito. If you like burritos, Chilango is usually the way to go. But Benito’s Hat is slowly winning my heart with this one.

Busaba Eathai and its amazing Pad Thai Jay. A must eat for Thai food lovers.

Five Guys Cajun Fries. I honestly don’t care what anyone says. The best burgers are from GBK and Shake Shack and the best fries are from Five Guys. Spicy and cooked in peanut oil !

Pixxa Grilled Peppers & Herbs pizza. Pricey for a pizza but huge and delicious. Perfect for reheating as well.

Hummus Bros Falafel Salad with extra sundried tomatoes

Sagar entire vegan menu. Sagar is so close to my heart. It is located right next to my house and it is where I bring all my non-vegan and vegetarian friends to have a quick bite and chat.

Vantra Mojo Mojito. I know it is not food but holy fuck I’ve never felt so healthy after a meal at Vantra. Yes to feeling good about yourself !

Ms. Cupcake Red Velvet cupcake. Yes people ! You can be vegan & vegetarian and stuff your face with cake, cupcakes & candies. It’s not the healthiest option but it is animal & cruelty-free.

Nando’s Portobello mushroom burger with avocado. Dare I say better than the portobello mushroom burger from Shake shack ?

Wahaca Super Charger Salad ( without the feta of course ).

Hungry yet ?


7 thoughts on “11 Vegan options from London Restaurants that are better than Sex

  1. Alicia, this is a great read for people intending to go to London, or living there, I was over there in May of this year, for a Celebrity Chef dinner, and have dined at two of your restaurants that you mentioned, Busaba Eathai & Sagar. I was most impressed with them both.


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