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I need your help !

Hi loves,

I hope you are all doing okay.

I would really appreciate it if you could participate in the poll I created down below.

I have been really interested in people going “dairy-free” lately and I was wondering if big brands like Nescafe Dolce Gusto could launch capsules with milk alternatives.

Your opinion does matter to me and the more answers I get, the more I will be able to contact brands and understand why such alternatives haven’t been introduced yet.

Lots of love




  1. sashoa says

    Hello! Sounds like a nice initiative, however I can’t see the poll in this post. Can you please check? Maybe it is some technical issue

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      • I saw online some capsules compatible with milk alternatives but some people reported that it breaks the machine at some point. I also got a answer from their customer service and they just don’t seem to care. Having a mainstream brand offering capsules or pods with almond or soy milk would be beneficial to us and also the brand. I’m truly struggling to understand why it is not being discussed.


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