I have to say, I had no idea MONKI actually had makeup.

I always shop online on ASOS or go to the MONKI Store on Carnaby Street but I had never ever bothered looking at the “accessories” and beauty section. Before five days ago.

So you know me, when I saw the eyeliners ( on sale ), I could not help myself and immediately went online to get more information.

And by more information, I mean : Is MONKI cruelty-free ?

And it seems like it is guys. As per their website and FAQ :

Our policy is not to test our make up on animals, so no, no it isn’t!

However, be careful if you are looking for exclusively vegan makeup products. I looked on Facebook and here is what they have to say about vegan products :

We’re proud to say that all Monki make-up is 100% cruelty-free. We have a strict policy not to test our products on animals. However, we can’t guarantee that our make-up is or will always be vegan. We would just advise to check the ingredient list on the back of the products.

I ordered two liquid eyeliners on ASOS for £3.50 each.

They only have two colors available on sale : Wipe Out & Goldy. Very unusual colors for me as I mostly wear bronze eyeshadows or black eyeliner.

I have to say, I was very disappointed in Goldy as you will see in the swatch and on my eye, the color is close to inexistent. It was also a disappointment because I felt like it would be an easy color for me to wear with my skin tone.

The packaging is typical of Monki. Shiny and glossy. The eyeliner comes in a matte black tube.

The end is quite thin which I actually like because it allows to be more precise and draw sharper wings which I am all for.

I did one swatch of each color on my right hand and as you can clearly see, you get more products and a more vibrant color with Wipe Out.

Untitled design (1).png

I wouldn’t recommend the Goldy one as an actual eyeliner but I think it could work to add a touch of glitter to your eye look. For example to enhance a natural makeup look by replacing your highlighter with Goldy on the inner corners of your eyes.

I am in love with Wipe Out. It is an unusual color for me and it looks fantastic. Both eyeliners dry very quickly so I would recommend that you work  on your eyes pretty fast.


All the pictures I have taken were without any mascara and any foundation or primer. I tried the Wipe Out eyeliner on top of eyeshadows as well and it does not look as good as it does on its own.

For the price, the quality is okay and it would recommend Wipe Out if you are getting bored of your typical black or brown eyeliner.

Lots of Love,





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