Hi Everyone,

Christmas came early this year.

As you all know, I am a post graduate student and I work at the same time.

It is rare to find the time to spoil yourself when you are busy with uni and work but when I do, I go all the way.

I recently got 40% off with The Body Shop for Black Friday and I couldn’t resist.

I will not show you everything that I bought as a good half of the order was also gifts for my friends but I purchased quite a bit for myself.

If you did not already know, The Body Shop is 100% cruelty-free and the brand displays the whole list of their vegan products on the website.

On to the fun stuff now!

I got a couple of bath products but the things I am the more excited about are the lips and hair products.

Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush & Grapeseed hair serum


With my curly hair, I struggle to find a great comb or brush that will not break my hair. It has become so bad with my current brush situation that I will spend days wearing my hair up to avoid taking care of it.

When I saw the brush on the website I thought that I would give it a go as my mom has often recommended bamboo brushes to me.

The grapeseed serum is a first for me as I rarely put anything on my hair other than coconut oil or Nuxe Dry Oil.

It is supposed to “Smooth your hair and increase the shine.”A little bit of shine during the winter is more than welcome.

I have only been using it for a couple of days and so far so good. It does make my hair shinier AND helps define my curls. So I will definitely let you know what’s up after a week or two.

Lipscuff – Vitamin E Lip Care and Born Lippy Stick Balm

They are sold separately but I thought that it would be interesting to make it a three-steps little beauty routine for my lips.

My lips tend to dry A LOT during the winter and I find myself applying Vaseline four to five times a day. It makes it impossible to wear lipstick and it just looks wrong and cracked.

I used to use the lip exfoliator from e.l.f or brown sugar mixed with lemon juice to exfoliate my lips once a week but I want to switch it up a little.


The lipscuff from The Body Shop has a mint smell. On the lips, it does not feel like it is exfoliating at all. It almost feels like a regular lip balm which I am a bit disappointed about.

Be careful as it breaks very easily as well.

As per the website  : The lipscuff gently sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal softer, moisturized lips.

The vitamin E lip balm appears to be way more hydrating than the colored lip balm which is why I have decided to use it before bed every night.

After trying it on, I can confirm that my lips feel hydrated and not sticky at all. It is a bit pricey for a simple lip balm so I will definitely let you know if it is worth buying.

As per The Body Shop website :

Our vitamin E lip balm moisturises and protects the delicate lip area against harsh weather conditions which cause dry, chapped lips. Formulated with vitamin E, coconut and olive oils. Use as part of your skincare programme.

You know me, even my lip treatment has to have a touch of color which is the main reason why I picked the Born Lippy™ Pot Lip Stick Balm – Plum.


The color is gorgeous and definitely a Fall/Christmas classic. BUT ! And it is a big one. It does not leave any color whatsoever on my lips. Yes it smells and it looks good but it has as much color as a transparent gloss.

So if you are looking for a colored lip balm, I would recommend you skip this one.

Hairbrush £8.00

Grapeseed Hair Serum £7.00

Born Lippy Pot Lip Stick Balm £3.00

Vitamin E lip care SPF15 £5.00

Lipscuff £8.00

The Body Shop


7 thoughts on “THE BODY SHOP HAUL – LIPS & HAIR

  1. Great post! I’ve been loving the Nuxe dry oil for my wavy hair as well. 🙂 Keep us posted on the grapeseed oil hair serum, I’m curious to see how it worked out for you! Also, have you tried the tangle teaser brush? It’s really great for preventing breakage.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Good to know, that’s the case with so many hair serums! The brush isn’t from Body Shop, but they’re always in stock on Amazon. I think I’ve seen them carried in Urban Outfitters too. They are really amazing at getting tangles out without breaking, or even pulling hair.


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