I really want to get to know you !

Hi Everyone,

How are you ?

Monday is here and I am writing this post from my phone. Finals are killing me and I thought I would talk to you for a bit before I go back to my boring study session.

So let’s chat ! 

Tell me everything ! Where are you from ? What do you do ? How old are you ? Do you have a blog ?

Also, I opened a twitter especially for this blog and to meet fellow bloggers but I only had a couple of people adding me. People seem to add me more on Snapchat for some reasons.

So do you want me to close Twitter and just keep Snapchat ? 

What do you prefer ?

I also have more than 300 people following the blog now and I want to say THANK YOU. That’s more than I could ever imagine and I will have to give something back to you guys.

Like I don’t know, check my English before I post anything.
But more seriously, I know that I thank you all the time like every twenty followers but it just blows my effing mind.

Snapchat is parisisforlover by the way – Twitter @veggieoverseas

Lots of Kisses ( always )


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