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I really want to get to know you !

Hi Everyone,

How are you ?

Monday is here and I am writing this post from my phone. Finals are killing me and I thought I would talk to you for a bit before I go back to my boring study session.

So let’s chat !ย 

Tell me everything ! Where are you from ? What do you do ? How old are you ? Do you have a blog ?

Also, I opened a twitter especially for this blog and to meet fellow bloggers but I only had a couple of people adding me. People seem to add me more on Snapchat for some reasons.

So do you want me to close Twitter and just keep Snapchat ?ย 

What do you prefer ?

I also have more than 300 people following the blog now and I want to say THANK YOU. That’s more than I could ever imagine and I will have to give something back to you guys.

Like I don’t know, check my English before I post anything.
But more seriously, I know that I thank you all the time like every twenty followers but it just blows my effing mind.

Snapchat is parisisforlover by the way – Twitter @veggieoverseas

Lots of Kisses ( always )



  1. Pleased to meet you Ali!!!! I love how interactive you want to be with your readers ๐Ÿ™‚ I am from Ohio, I just graduated from Nursing school and am scoping out jobs, I am 22, and I do have a blog! It is https://mackmarie.com/ . Have a great rest of your week, Ali! Hope to stay in touch ๐Ÿ™‚

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