Christmas Shopping on Etsy for under £15.00

Hi Everyone,

I hope this post will not be published too late !

I still have a couple of gifts to buy and I thought why not check out Etsy and see what’s going on.

I found some amazing handmade gift ideas for this Christmas and I thought that I would share everything with you !

Jewellery Holders

I have TONS of rings and earrings. They are my favorite accessories but the ones I unfortunately, lose the most. I thought that the Jewellery Holders from Naturecraftmoulds look gorgeous ! 

Untitled design (5).png

Keeping it natural and simple, I also found this tree jewelry holder from cracpots for £10.00. It is handmade just like the one above.

Cracpots on Etsy.png

Last but not least, if you are broke or on a budget and looking for a quick gift for newly engaged friends, you need to check out CatsCeramics on Etsy.

Cracpots on Etsy (1).png

The Leaf Bowl is £14.00 and comes all wrapped up in the box above.

Vegan leather wallets

This is one of my favorite gifts to give for Christmas. I love cute and useful things and the vegan leather is always a nice touch.

I found RachelaPiras shop on Etsy a couple of days ago and I fell in love with the handmade leather cat coin purse. They are £11.00 each and come in two different colors.

Cracpots on Etsy (2).png

Talking about Vegan products, I also found this shop called FrederickEngraving. This shop gives you the possibility to personalize the wallet and pick from four different colors.

Cracpots on Etsy (3).png

One wallet is £12.29 and if you want more information, do not hesitate to browse the shop’s page, the reviews are honestly amazing !

WanderlustCover is the last shop I will be talking about for our vegan leather wallet category. I usually love black and brown items BUT look at this passport holder !

Cracpots on Etsy (4).png

One cover is £14.75. It is handmade and comes in two colors : white & black. You can ask for a name to be added as well.

Handmade Jewelleries

Here we are, guys ! My last gift ideas for this post. I really hope you like it, I was browsing for hours trying to find some cute and inexpensive items.

As I said, I love earrings and rings and I couldn’t end the post without including my favorites.

Cracpots on Etsy (5).png

I have a strong preference for the gold earrings just because I think that gold looks better on my skin than silver. The shop is called TemporalFlux and the gold art deco earrings are £7.00. 

Cracpots on Etsy (6).png

Now this is what I call Hoops ! You can choose the diameter and clasp style of your earrings ( I personally like the traditional hoop clasp ). They are all handmade by the owner of the shop shoprhubarb and sold on Etsy for £9.84.

Cracpots on Etsy (7).png

oolaladesign has the cutest little studs ! The paper boat ones are £10.00 and hand painted. They are shipped from the UK which is a plus for me as it means faster shipping.

The studs also come in a branded gift box as well just like the Leaf Bowl.

I hope you like what I put together ! It was definitely fun to do and I hope it gave you guys some ideas.

Lots of Kisses




7 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping on Etsy for under £15.00

  1. I love etsy and I’d literally buy everything (it’s just so cute), but I had some problems with the delivery in the past… it may be because I live in Italy, but seing this post made me want to try to buy something from etsy again!

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