Horror movies for Christmas ?

Hello Everyone,

Finally, Christmas is here ! I can’t wait to cuddle up in bed with my cat and stuff my face.


Right after I have opened my presents, you will find me in bed binge watching horror movies. Don’t worry, though. They are all Christmas-related.



Yep.. Never said my list would be full of award winning movies !

Silent Night, Deadly Night

giphy (4).gif

This one is particularly funny to me. Watch the original first ! You won’t regret it. Also, skip SNDN 2 – 3 – 4.


giphy (5).gif 

Sorry for the crappy gif. Give this one a try, it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be.

The Walking Dead

giphy (6).gif

I am honestly blown away by the new season and I have just started. It is not technically a horror movie but it is what I will also be watching this December.

Black Christmas 

giphy (7).gif

Again, you have the choice between two movies. Black Christmas 2006 and Black Christmas 1974. I would recommend watching the original first.

Have you seen my horror movies must watch lists ?

Spending your Halloween with Netflix

Spending Halloween with Netflix 2 – Comedy Horror Edition

Lots of Kisses



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