The Cost of Cute: The Dark Side of the Puppy Trade – Review

Hi Everyone,

Here is one documentary I can not wait to talk to you about.

We all know that I love dogs ( they are in lots of my thumbnails ) and I do want to adopt one badly. However, I believe that animals are not accessories and I refuse to adopt a dog or a cat, as long as I live in a tiny flat in central London and I don’t have my shit together.

The documentary was advertised to me on Instagram by Grace. I love what she does, I think she is a beautiful woman who is not afraid to speak up and always ready to share her life experiences with the world.

Whilst I was a bit underwhelmed by her first documentary on Clean Eating ( you can have a look at my review here ), I am always ready to learn more about anything puppy related.

My thoughts on what she said:

  • Yes, social media is filled with dogs and you always see the same breeds. If I hang out on YouTube, I will see tons of pugs. Pugs everywhere. Zoella – Pewdiepie – Dani Mansutti etc (I want a pug myself but it is very rare to find them in shelters). I even follow Instagram accounts dedicated to pugs wearing silly outfits.
  • Yes, as viewers, we tend to be influenced by people we follow and I am guilty of it myself. I used to think small dogs were cute but I was more of a big dog lover. Now, I am starting to change my mind and even thinking of adopting a smaller dog in the future because of the amount of time I spent watching influencers’ dogs (especially Jaclyn Hill dogs on Snapchat ). Dogs, eating habits, fashion.. it is all the same. Everything is advertised on social media and made fashionable by a selected number of people.

Does it mean that dogs on social media platforms are treated as accessories?

Some people, unfortunately, do treat them like accessories and forget that we are talking about an animal.

A dog is like a child. You have to be responsible and mature enough to take care of it. A dog is for life and it saddens me to think that some people would put any dog life at risk in order to better themselves.

  • This documentary was so so interesting. Please be careful, there are some hard to watch footages (dead puppies for instance).  If you decide to buy from a dog breeder, especially in England, be careful who you buy from. Puppy smugglers are getting better at disguising abuses, making it looks like they took care of the mother and the puppies since birth etc.
  • Check out the interview between 8 mins to 11 mins. They talk about how smugglers treat female dogs and kill them after a few years of constant pregnancies.
  • If you own a dog with a flat face, she also interviews a surgeon working on fixing dogs respiratory problems.

I am not going to lie, this was hard to watch.  I had to take a breather, watch it a second time to process the cruelty and reality of the puppy trade.

If you live in the UK like me, please consider checking out the links below:

Thank you to Grace & the BBC for the documentary. If you have a chance, check it out, it is on Youtube and lasts 26 mins.

Lots of Kisses




2 thoughts on “The Cost of Cute: The Dark Side of the Puppy Trade – Review

  1. I’m all about the golden retrievers and springer spaniels. I’d love a dog but no time or money right now. Id love to adopt from battersea dogs home one day

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