I tried a vegan Galette des rois

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing amazing.

If you don’t know, la galette des Rois is a tradition in France. We celebrate right after New Year’s Eve (another excuse to eat more).

I tried to go to several French bakeries in London but couldn’t find anything. My original plan was to buy one galette for my friends and make a small one for myself (since I am doing Veganuary).

I found this super cute french vegan blog with a recipe and I decided to give it a try. I will add the original recipe at the end of the post and try to translate it for you guys as best as I can.

You will need:

  • 2 puff pastry sheets (made without butter)
  • 200g of crushed almond
  • 40g of vegan butter
  • 80g of sugar
  • 60g of coconut oil (optional for me since I already had the vegan butter)
  • 100g of soya cream
  • 5 cL of soya milk (I used almond milk)

The recipe is the easiest (I recognized I got rid of some stuff and added others). You just mix all ingredients together to get a thick paste which you will spread all over your first puff pastry sheet.Cover it all with the second sheet of puff pastry and put everything in the oven. I choose to do 25 mins at 160 degrees. And then 10 mins at 170.

Here is what you will get:


Whilst it doesn’t look like a normal Galette des Rois (since mine is square and less thick than usual), it tasted amazing.

I added three drops of lemon extract too and I could not be more pleased with the taste.

If you plan on doing it next year (because it is a one-time thing), I would recommend more paste or less puff pastry sheets.

Here is to an amazing Veganuary and hopefully, other vegan recipes very soon!

The owner of the recipe:

Patate & Cornichons


9 thoughts on “I tried a vegan Galette des rois

  1. I am digging your blog! I have such a soft spot for France. I have family in a small village outside of Toulouse and spent numerous summers there as a teenager. It changed me forever and it has been my mission ever since to take my own family back there.

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