I Failed Veganuary already

Guys, I fucked up.

You see, I have this amazing new Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine, offered by my good friend for Christmas.

I love my coffee, a cup of black Americano without sugar every morning is all I need to start my day. When I got the machine, I admit that I went a little bit crazy and ordered 5 different types of capsules online.

I see this machine as an amazing tool for my lazy ass but also a great way to show off when I have people over. And by showing off I mean: “Check out my awesome overpriced capsule collection. Get comfy, I’ll make you a Cappucino”.

I know, ridiculous. 

Well, yesterday, I failed. I woke up and in my state of morning grogginess, I turned on the machine, picked up a capsule of Latte Macchiato and pressed “fuck me up”.

I drank all of it, got into the shower and realized what I had done. Instead of moving on, I decided that this day was ruined. I went ahead and grilled some toasts, for lunch, I had vegetable pasta with Parmigiano cheese.

Today, I am starting Veganuary all over again. I had, to be honest with you and let you know that I failed (One day only I know. But I am still annoyed at myself).

Hope you guys have been more successful than me!

Lots of Kisses



19 thoughts on “I Failed Veganuary already

  1. I don’t understand how you failed because of a coffee machine? There are so many dairy-free milk available (subject to where you live). Also, why did you decide that the whole day was a write off when you could’ve just continued with Veganuary?

    I hope you do succeed with Veganuary if that is what you want to do πŸ™‚


  2. But dear Alicia, you did not fail at all. You took a single day off from ongoing success, in order to enjoy the marvels of science in a profound manner and not just with anything, but coffee itself, one of natures finest offerings.
    I see this post of yours as a sign of success; you’ve succeeded to own up to one of the hardest temptations we face every day, the pleasure of taste.

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  3. There is still have the whole year, don’t sweat it I recently heard a vegan chicken shop has opened in London, I’m playing to do a review in February, if you need a few ideas I posted a few hella easy snack ideas the otherday, no cooking, no baking super easy, check it out if you think it’ll help good luck! 😊

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      1. Thanks so much πŸ€“ I was just thinking I hadn’t seen a blog post of yours in a while, and then I realised I’d missed this one! 😬 hope you’re good though ❀


  4. I completely understand your mistake. But it is alright! Going completely vegan is a very hard task. I can’t even handle being a vegetarian yet. That coffee machine sounds fantastic. I may have to get me one of those.

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