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I Failed Veganuary already

Guys, I fucked up.

You see, I have this amazing new Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine, offered by my good friend for Christmas.

I love my coffee, a cup of black Americano without sugar every morning is all I need to start my day. When I got the machine, I admit that I went a little bit crazy and ordered 5 different types of capsules online.

I see this machine as an amazing tool for my lazy ass but also a great way to show off when I have people over. And by showing off I mean: “Check out my awesome overpriced capsule collection. Get comfy, I’ll make you a Cappucino”.

I know, ridiculous. 

Well, yesterday, I failed. I woke up and in my state of morning grogginess, I turned on the machine, picked up a capsule of Latte Macchiato and pressed “fuck me up”.

I drank all of it, got into the shower and realized what I had done. Instead of moving on, I decided that this day was ruined. I went ahead and grilled some toasts, for lunch, I had vegetable pasta with Parmigiano cheese.

Today, I am starting Veganuary all over again. I had, to be honest with you and let you know that I failed (One day only I know. But I am still annoyed at myself).

Hope you guys have been more successful than me!

Lots of Kisses




  1. I don’t understand how you failed because of a coffee machine? There are so many dairy-free milk available (subject to where you live). Also, why did you decide that the whole day was a write off when you could’ve just continued with Veganuary?

    I hope you do succeed with Veganuary if that is what you want to do πŸ™‚


    • I didn’t pay attention and I had a capsule with regular milk inside πŸ™‚

      Mainly because I was so annoyed at myself for making such a stupid mistake :).


  2. HΓΆlli Vals says

    But dear Alicia, you did not fail at all. You took a single day off from ongoing success, in order to enjoy the marvels of science in a profound manner and not just with anything, but coffee itself, one of natures finest offerings.
    I see this post of yours as a sign of success; you’ve succeeded to own up to one of the hardest temptations we face every day, the pleasure of taste.

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  3. There is still have the whole year, don’t sweat it I recently heard a vegan chicken shop has opened in London, I’m playing to do a review in February, if you need a few ideas I posted a few hella easy snack ideas the otherday, no cooking, no baking super easy, check it out if you think it’ll help good luck! 😊

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  4. Don’t be so hard on yourself! It’s amazing that you’re committing to Veganuary in the first place. Good for you for not giving up on the whole month. Jump back into it and hide those sneaky coffee packs! πŸ˜‰

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  5. You could always be a vegan for February 1st to make up for it? πŸ˜› I think you’re fab for being able to stick to it anyway! Coffee and cake would be my downfall β˜•οΈπŸ€—

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      • Thanks so much πŸ€“ I was just thinking I hadn’t seen a blog post of yours in a while, and then I realised I’d missed this one! 😬 hope you’re good though ❀


  6. I completely understand your mistake. But it is alright! Going completely vegan is a very hard task. I can’t even handle being a vegetarian yet. That coffee machine sounds fantastic. I may have to get me one of those.

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