Horror movies to be excited about this year

Hi Everyone,

How are you?

I know this kind of post is not for everyone so if you do not like (or just don’t care about)  horror movies, I’ll be posting a Valentine Day/cruelty-free lipstick special very soon.

I don’t know about you guys, but in 2016, I saw some terrible horror movies. This year was complicated for me. I have watched so many horror movies that I am very black and white. I either love a movie or I hate it.

In my opinion, here is the list of the 8 best horror movies of 2016: 


And for the worst horror movies of 2016:

and the list goes on.

This year, I expect a lot!

I have looked online and there are some movies I am very excited about.

  • Insidious Chapter 4

If you know me, you know that Insidious is one of my favorite horror movies. I love the story, the acting, the old-school vibes. I am genuinely excited to see what they have in store for Chapter 4.

  • Ring (2017)

This one has to be good. I have watched all of them and I have not been disappointed so far. The trailer looks promising AND, the director is Spanish. I don’t know about you but Spanish/south American directors make the most amazing thrillers/horror movies.

  • Alien: Covenant 

The trailer looks good. I don’t know how I feel yet about the really futuristic everything. And yes I know, the original Aliens were set in the future but this new movie almost looks too clean.

Before you yell at me, hear me out. Ridley Scott really helped to break that “future will all be shiny robots flying around” stereotypes. We shall see, but my expectations are high.

  • IT (2017)

There is no trailer yet. And I don’t know what they are waiting for, honestly. We know what Pennywise looks like, but no images from the movies have been released yet.

Which I understand, IT is a classic and I don’t know how you can make another one without Tim Curry.

Are you excited?

Are you scared?

Is there a movie you can’t wait to watch?



14 thoughts on “Horror movies to be excited about this year

  1. Ah, I am so so happy to see this post! I am super into anything spook so, of course, I love a good (– or sometimes a bad) scary movie. The second Conjuring movie still keeps me awake at night.

    Are you into any older horror flicks? Rosemary’s Baby and Psycho are classics!

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