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Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing fantastic.

I thought I would give you a little update.

Two things made me want to write this blog post:

  • A comment about the brand Simple
  • A comment about veganism

Simple has always been an eco-friendly brand, promoting healthy looking skins and natural-ish ingredients. At least, that is how I have always seen it.

I went onto their website and was glad to see that they were cruelty-free. I have to admit, I took this information for granted and didn’t double check (which is something I usually do) to make sure I was passing on the right information to you guys.

You know I am just getting into cruelty-free skincare and it is true that yes, I went with the stereotype: what is being promoted as natural must be cruelty-free, right?

One of my lovely followers commented under this particular post: My favorite cruelty-free skincare products (so far), to let me know that Simple was actually not cruelty-free.

You know me, I am more than willing to have a conversation and immediately looked online for more information, not finding anything over than “they don’t use the leaping bunny logo nor PETA logo on their products” until I downloaded a list on Peta’s website (UK), of companies which do no test on animals (2017) and Simple was not on there. 

Long story short, Simple, even if they claim that they don’t test on animals, do according to Peta. So I wanted to apologize for passing on incorrect information. The whole thing looks dodgy and If you are serious about going 100% cruelty-free, I would stay away from Simple for now.

I do still make mistakes when it comes to cruelty-free skincare products and I appreciate people letting me know when I’ve fucked up.

I have written to Simple and haven’t heard back but I will keep you updated.

When it comes to the comment about The Body Shop, I had to disagree and will keep buying from them. As per PETA:

For its cruelty-free list, PETA US approves only companies that have the very best policies against animal testing – companies whose policies make a real difference helping to stamp out animal testing.

The good news is that they include top high-street brands such as LUSH, The Body Shop

This “incident” made me think more seriously about another topic: how to promote your blog.

How is it related?

I try to follow as many bloggers with similar lifestyles/interests but of course, I can not find you all by myself.

I am very open to the idea of having guest posters on my blog. If you write vegan or vegetarian recipes, if you love makeup and you are specialized in cruelty-free cosmetics, please get in touch (or leave a comment), I will be delighted to promote your blog on mine.

You can find me on:



or write me an email/comment down below.

If you don’t care about writing anything but just want to promote your blog, my comment section is open. Please leave the name of your blog and what you like to write about and I will gladly check it out!

Lots of Kisses



52 thoughts on “Promote your blog!

  1. Thank you for sharing! I, too, try to only buy from vegan brands, and have bought from Simple quite a lot, so I’m really disappointed that they may not be marketing truthfully.
    I actually have been an Independent Beauty Consultant for a brand called Maëlle, which is PETA and Leaping Bunny certified when it comes to not testing on animals. I usually write about mental health and women’s rights here (, but I just started a Makeup/Skincare blog promoting these products ( Come check out either blog if you’re interested! And feel free to contact me if you have any questions 🙂

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  2. It’s frustrating that things label themselves one way amd when you look deeper it’s not always the case. I try not to search too far sometines as you can always count on going far enough to find bad results, like somewhere the company don’t promote cruelty free products.

    I’ve ended up finding my own list of either accidentally vegan products, or ones that I know for sure are vegan, but like you’ve already done, contacting companies helps!

    I’m interested in a post. As one of the first blog I followed, I’m interested in finding similar blogs, and hopefully when I’ve got more to mine I’d be happy to be a guest for you, and vice versa 🙂

    Hopefully I’ll find your email soon 🙂 love the post!! X

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  3. I’m honestly shocked. I could’ve swore the Simple brand was cruelty free. I even commented on one of your posts not long ago telling you I was going to try it to review on my blog. I’m glad I didn’t because I try to keep everything on mine cruelty free. I’m so glad you found out and corrected it 😊 Also, my blog is The Book and Beauty Blog and I would love to do a guest post for you. I do cruelty free/ vegan makeup and skincare reviews, book reviews and just general chatty blogs.

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  4. It doesn’t surprise me that they aren’t cruelty free. I did a post the other day about Greenwashing on my blog skin & satori. So many companies are putting a lot of time and money into making us believe they are cruelty free and organic when they aren’t. I will only buy cruelty free AND organic so i have to be really careful and always read the label. I was truly shocked at some companies who even have the word organic in their name! shakes head slowly

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      1. Its just all so mixed up… you really need to investigate to find things out….i always thought its great to buy The Body Shop until I read about L’oreal owning them


    1. I don’t see the Body Shop on the list you sent? I know it is own by L’Oreal but it doesn’t not bother me since they are independent and seem very strict on animal/ethical policies. I would rather support a beauty brand bought/owned by a bigger company to raise awareness to cruelty-free cosmetics. ☺️ (but Thats completely a personal choice). But I’ll never buy L’Oreal makeup.

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      1. Sorry, true its not The Body Shop, its L’oreal itself. What I mean more so really is that L’oreal is profiting from The BS sales. So, you have a bad company hiding behind a ‘good one’. But again, if you start digging you can go crazy…:) And, yes, maybe someday L’oreal as a whole will be just like the BS if they realize the potential:)

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      2. Thats the real struggle isn’t it? Who can we actually trust?

        I hope they will! But unfortunately, when money is involved, bigger brands don’t care, too afraid to loose their place on the market.
        Just like companies who are 100% cruelty free but still use Sephora as their retailer?

        We can go on and on 🙄


  5. Hey there 🙂

    I’m a lil late but I saved this post so I could come back to it! But I write about makeup, fashion, & various lifestyle topics. With in the lifestyle topic i’ve done a book review ( which I want to do more of later!), being vegetarian, & why I like living in Pittsburgh / why it’s a great college town. My blog is still pretty new but I’m keeping up with it weekly from now on!! ♡

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  6. Thanks for such an amazing opportunity!

    My name is Keely, and I am a freshman in high school with a deep passion for writing.

    My blog is full of my poetry, mostly about love. I have some stories too. I add to my blog frequently, and never go a week or two without at least one new post, so there are always little surprises whenever you go to visit my blog.

    My blog is:

    I hope you enjoy my blog if you choose to go!
    Have a wonderful day!
    With love,

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  7. Hi there,

    I’m Chaos of The Muse.

    Well then. I recently joined the WordPress blogging scene and I tend to post things that interest me, therefore my blog is more of a personal one. I try to spice up my posts with a little amusement, so if you do happen to come by, I hope that I can, in some way, brighten up your day!

    Oh and of course, don’t forget to follow to join the Clan 🙂

    Best Wishes,
    Chaos of the Muse

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  8. Hi Alicia! Thanks for your commitment to finding out the truth about Simple – just goes to show the lengths these companies will go to in order to sell! I’ve just turned vegan with a couple of months & am blogging away about my journey – any feedback you have would be awesome!

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  9. Hi Alicia! Thank you for your commitment to finding out the truth about Simple – it just goes to show the lengths these companies will go to in order to sell. I have just become vegan in the last couple of months & have been blogging away about it, if you have any feedback to give that would be awesome!


  10. Hey! I used to run a blog called diary of a beauty therapy student with a focus on cruelty free beauty products and have just started a new one today, feel free to check it out and good luck with your journey with cruelty free cosmetics x

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  11. It’s so hard these days to ensure that the products we buy are totally cruelty free. The end product may say it is but how do we know about the ingredients that are in that finished product? That’s one of the many reasons why I started working with Forever Living and I thought you might be interested in checking them out. Forever are the largest grower of aloe vera in the world and the largest producer of aloe based products – even better than that, because they control every step of the process you can be sure that our products are cruelty free, none are tested on animals (neither are any of the ingredients) and many are vegan friendly and lots are gluten free.

    I don’t update my blog as often as I should, I really must get better at that but its at if you fancy checking it out. I am now following yours

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