Going dark for Valentine’s Day 2017 – Cruelty-Free Lips

Hi Everyone,

Happy Happy Happy Valentine’s day (way in advance).

For V-day, I will be in Brighton. I will take the time to relax but also, hopefully, get enough pictures to do a hotel review for you guys.

I had my collection of bright red lipsticks out in order to make this post and in the middle of my swatches, I decided to change everything and pick four dark lipsticks.

I have been wearing really bright eye looks lately and I thought why not just pair a blue eyeliner or bright orange eyeshadow with darker lips for once.

I know, for some of you, it’s not a big deal but I am super traditional when it comes to lipstick. I am so afraid to be tacky that I tend to follow stupid unspoken rules and stay in my lane.

Anyway, enough BLABLA. Hope you like the colors I selected. I apologize in advance for the pictures, they looked better on my phone (still saving for a camera).


Untitled design-8.png

I am a big fan of NYX lip products. Cruelty-free, relatively cheap, nice colors and available at Boots (aka 5 mins walk from my flat). For Christmas, I went crazy and bought around 10 liquid lipsticks.

I love the color, it stays on for a long time and I can re-apply it during the day without any problems.

One thing I have to say tho, the smell is questionable. It smells chemical-like. My boyfriend says that it smells like glue.

If you have used them before, what do you think? Is it just me?

NYX Lingerie – Beauty Mark – £6.50 

(In between every color, I scrubbed my lips with The Body Shop lips exfoliator)


Untitled design-7.png

This color is as dark as I am willing to go actually. I applaud girls who confidently wear dark blue and black lipsticks because I could never.

I prefer this one in terms of scent and application. I wear this one on a night out usually but I thought that it could look gorgeous with a gold liner or gold pressed-shadow for Valentine’s day.

NYX Liquid Suede – Downtown Beauty – £6.50

NYX – Matte Lip Cream – COPENHAGEN

I have to say, this lip color looks lighter on me than I expected. It looks very dark on my best friend who must be two shades lighter than me but still. The difference is here.

Untitled design-9.png

By far my favorite of the NYX lip products. It smells amazing, the applicator makes it easier to apply and the product just slides on so beautifully.

NYX – Matte Lip Cream – Copenhagen – £5.50

Last but not least,

ZAO Makeup – Matte Lipstick – PLUM

Let me start with this: ZAO Lipsticks are pricey. If you decide to buy some, it has to be for the long run. One lipstick is £17.75. I know.

Untitled design-10.png

To me, this lipstick smells like wax or like Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip Balm. I love the color. Again, it looks darker inside that it looks on me.

I’ll have to talk about this brand again at some point because their products are generally good and perfect for cruelty-free and eco-friendly makeup lovers.

ZAO – Matte Lipstick – PLUM – £17.75

What will you be wearing for Valentine’s Day?

Lots of Kisses,


13 thoughts on “Going dark for Valentine’s Day 2017 – Cruelty-Free Lips

  1. The Nyx lip matte creams are so amazing and they feel great on the lips! I don’t have copenhagen but I plan on picking it up when I can.
    – Elen x

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      1. I’m totally in love with the dark lipstick trend lately! I’ll definitely upload a Nyx lipstick collective in the near future x

        Liked by 1 person

  2. wow beautiful colors especially the 2 last one. Do you know ellis faas cosmetics ? not the same packaging and of course not the same price but very very amazing. They are also cruelty free and the colours are very very beautiful. If you have time, look at my article and see the design of these products : http://i-shouldnt.fr/quand-la-beaute-des-produits-cosmetiques-va-de-pair-avec-le-label-cruelty-free/ Have a good day, Sylvie

    Liked by 1 person

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