10 Totally achievable goals – 2017

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing alright.

I was looking for an app for the gym, when I thought, what is so easy to do and easy to track? What is easily achievable for me this year?

You are welcome to add on to the list, make your own and tag me!

  • Drink more water

This one must be in everyone list every year but this time I feel like I can stick with it. I go to the gym more often and easily down 1L whilst exercising.

I have also noticed that since I stopped drinking sodas, and drink alcohol every two weeks/three weeks, I naturally reach for water.

  • Save money for my future self

23 years old is still young but I am already feeling a ton of pressure. I have started to think more and more about the future. And we all know that our future can be compromised if we lack money to do what we want.

  • Take the time to Plan a proper vacation 

Since I have been in London, so over two years, I haven’t been away at all. Going home to Paris or spending two days in Bath is not what I would consider “going away”. I want the beach and I want my friends with me.

  • Don’t wait for little inconveniences to become big problems

Take care of my health in general. The beginning of 2017 for me was full of much needed doctor appointments and I am glad I finally took some time for myself and get everything out of the way.

As women, we need to pay more attention to what’s going on down there. So if you haven’t done a smear test yet ladies (or haven’t done one in ages), this is a friendly reminder to hurry up and get it over with.

  • Give my relationships more quality time 

I promise, I will call back after missed Facetime requests, reply to emails, stop finding excuses to go for a simple coffee, stop turning off my phone on weekend nights to avoid going out…et cetera.

Anxiety is a bitch.

  • Donate more time or money to animals 

I know every shelter around here but if you guys know trust-worthy organisations, I will gladly send some money their way.

  • Finally wear what the heck I want 

I have no problems wearing bright colors, ripped everything, weird platforms, colorful makeup but I have this fear of looking wrong in dresses and skirts. This year, I promise myself to wear one dress (gotta start somewhere).

  • Update the blog and write more

Writing is so therapeutic. It can be a chore sometimes, I’ll admit, especially when it is not your first language. Updating the blog, finding things to write about is the best way to make sure I’ll keep writing and talking to you guys.

  • When asked,”What movie do you want to watch tonight?” Finally have an answer

Very precise goal I know but I feel like it could apply to a lot of us. Right?

I have this list of movies I need to watch before I die and every time it is movie night, I always say: I want to watch a scary movie.  And of course, we can never find one because I have seen them all.

  • Get my discounts IRL 

I hate hate hate asking for any employees to redeem my discount code in real life. When I shop online, I will always make sure that, the discount code has been applied, look online for further sale but in real life, I feel like I’ll bother.

What about you?

Is there anything you bsolutely want to do in 2017?


16 thoughts on “10 Totally achievable goals – 2017

  1. You live and are from where I dream of vacationing! I am so jealous lol! Also, you would never be able to tell that English isn’t your first language. One of my goals for this year was to start learning French. I have yet to start on that :/ It’s so overwhelming.

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      1. My friend has been using babel and she likes it. When my bf wanted to learn French, we also watched every show on Netflix in french with English subtitles to get used to the language and different accents.
        When I was teaching French to students in New Orleans, they had troubles with how fast I talked. Getting used to sounds and intonation first will accelerate the process big time ☺️

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  2. Those are really practical, but worthy goals nonetheless. After all, if you don’t take care of your health and cherish the people you love, what will you have at the end of the day? All the best in completing those goals! 🙂

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