My favorite Central London vegan and vegetarian pizzas (so far)

Hi Everyone,

Guess what?

It is FOOD TIME. Yes!Finally!

I had a great Veganuary, I cooked a lot and felt great.

I have recently enjoyed my first pizza of February 2017 (because trust me, there will be many more) and I thought: “Hm, who do I want to share my love for pizzas with?”


So here you go, just for you, the best pizzas you can get in Central London, that I have personally tested and loved.

PS: I will make update posts as the list goes on but for now, as I live in Central London, I’ll focus on what you can get over there.


I love love love, love love, Franco Manca. I have talked about it before and I will not stop. I had both the vegetarian pizza and the vegan pizza without any added toppings.

The crust and the dough are what makes their pizzas so f****** good. I don’t know how to describe it but the dough light in texture and strong in taste and goes perfectly well with their tomato base. You guessed it, I am obsessed.

Tomato – Garlic&Oregano: £4.95

Tomato – Mozarella&Basil: £6.40

Franco Manca Menu


I first discovered PIXXA when I used to order a lot with Deliveroo. If I had a busy day ahead, I would order a large Vegan pizza and reheat the rest for dinner and lunch the next day (don’t judge me).

I won’t lie tho, they are pricey pizzas compared to Franco Manca. Good thing is, you can buy by the slice.

My favorite vegetarian pixxa pizza:

Gorgonzola&Mushroom pizza (£17.00)

My favorite vegan pixxa pizza:

Mixed Veggie & Herbs (£14.00)



This one is perfect for sharing.

NY FOLD specialized in real, thick, NewYork Style pizza. One pizza from NY FOLD will feed four to five friends easily.

I love my pizzas. I have no issues eating an entire Franco Manca pizza but NY FOLD? Maximum two slices.

Margherita pizza (£20 to £25)

PS: I haven’t included their three other veggie options as I tried them all and kinda hated the taste? 



Okay so, my favorite is not actually pizza. It is the Garlic, rosemary & parmesan flatbread (£3.00).

Pizzas are good, never tried the Vegan one as they do not have the option on Uber Eats for my zone (for some reasons). I only had the Margherita pizza. The ingredients are good but the crust is too mushy for my taste.

Tomato sauce is heavy you know? Don’t want it pouring through the crust.

A Special Mention to their Nutella & salted ricotta pizza ring (£5.00). God this shit is good.


Do you have a recommendation for me?

Is there something you would like me to try?



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