Skincare Christmas Gifts: Cruelty-free edition

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well. I know I don't need to remind you that Christmas is coming and that gift sets are literally EVERYWHERE. ALSO BLACK FRIDAY!!! WHO'S WITH ME???? (by the time you read this, I'll be broke) Since you guys have decided that this month is all about makeup and pretty … Continue reading Skincare Christmas Gifts: Cruelty-free edition


4 cruelty-free blushes

Hi Everyone, I hope you are doing well. I know I said it before but I finished uni and I am finally looking for a job in London. It has been two very exciting years of non-stop working, studying, writing and I am more than ready to embrace new challenges. I will (hopefully) be on … Continue reading 4 cruelty-free blushes

One Sweet Sweet Summer Tart

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all doing well. Here I am, with another recipe. For this one, you will need: White peaches (I used 5) 2 red apples Half a bowl of strawberry A spoonful of lemon juice Shortcrust pastry (1) Optional: a spoonful of cane sugar Cut all your fruits, it doesn't need … Continue reading One Sweet Sweet Summer Tart

Cruelty-Free Lips

Hey Everyone, How are you? I am back from Barcelona and I thought why not show you my favourite Summer Red Lipsticks. So without further ado.. From left to right: e.l.f - Red Hot Reds 3INA - 123  The Body Shop - New Orleans Scarlet Matte  NYX Liquid Suede - Kitten Heels  Barry M - … Continue reading Cruelty-Free Lips

One Year Blogging

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all doing amazing. I've been blogging for a year! How crazy!  To be honest, I never thought that I would last that long. I am glad I kept pushing and met so many of you guys. Since I started getting more followers this year, I thought that I could … Continue reading One Year Blogging

NYX, BarryM & SleekMakeUp giveaway

OMG you guys, I know it took me so long to get to it but everything is finally on its way. If you don't know, I reposted the poll results on the blog a day or two ago and you guys voted for a cruelty-free makeup giveaway. So on my way back to Barcelona,  I … Continue reading NYX, BarryM & SleekMakeUp giveaway

My summer skincare routine feat B.Skincare & The Body Shop

Hi Everyone, Welcome to another random post for this lovely month of June. I hope you are all doing fantastic. I am flying to Barcelona very soon so I thought that it was about time I share with you, my cruelty-free summer skincare routine. Here is what I use every day (pretty much): The Body … Continue reading My summer skincare routine feat B.Skincare & The Body Shop

Easy Green Lentil soup with Garlic Toasts

Hi Everyone, I know that this month is dedicated to cruelty-free beauty but this recipe is so tasty and easy that I needed to share it with you. You will need: A pack of brown lentils Mushrooms Red onions Tomatoes Whole wheat bread or an old baguette Olive oil Spices of your choice (I added … Continue reading Easy Green Lentil soup with Garlic Toasts

Veggie Pasta Bake

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all doing great. Welcome to the second recipe of this three parts thingy I am doing right now on the blog. PS: I just wanted to address something quickly. I have been nominated for two blogging "awards" since I did my 7 days challenge. I wanted to thank everyone … Continue reading Veggie Pasta Bake

One easy Vegan Recipe

Hi Everyone, How are you all doing? I initially wanted to dedicate one post to three vegan recipes but it was honestly way too long. So I hope you don't mind because you'll be getting recipes for a week. I have been cooking more and more. I love grilled tofu, fake chicken, vegan cheese etc. We are a … Continue reading One easy Vegan Recipe

My Karaoke Playlist

Hi Everyone, I haven't done a playlist in such a long time!  You know how obsessed I am with music and the other night, I had a karaoke session with my Snapchat. So I've decided to share with you, my 100 top Karaoke songs. I'll include a complete list of the playlists I've already done. … Continue reading My Karaoke Playlist

Is Primark make up​ cruelty-free?

Hi Guys, I hope you are all doing okay. When I was in Bournemouth, I needed a quick lipstick to go to dinner and I honestly didn't feel like spending an enormous amount of money (not that I usually do but you know what I mean). I went to Superdrug and almost bought another Barry … Continue reading Is Primark make up​ cruelty-free?

April Poll and An update

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all doing okay. I wanted to sit down and talk to you about the coming months on the blog. I will give it to you straight: I will have to take some time off. I wanted to schedule posts to keep the blog alive but it's gonna depend on … Continue reading April Poll and An update

Promote your lovely blog

Hi Everyone, How are you all doing? I said that I would do another PYB so here we are. The last "Promote your blog" was awesome. I got a bunch of comments, I met my first guest poster and followed some awesome new bloggers who I wouldn't have met without the post. So as you know, … Continue reading Promote your lovely blog

A day and a half in Bournemouth

  Hi Everyone, How are you? I said I would have this post up by the end of the week and I do! I finally managed to find time to sit down on Friday night and gather all the pretty pictures I took last weekend. Bournemouth was actually a surprise from me to my boyfriend. … Continue reading A day and a half in Bournemouth

A tiny Flying Tiger Haul

Hi Everyone, How are we doing? Did you like the 7 days challenge? I honestly am glad it is over. Blogging is definitely a weekend thing for me. Before I publish my monthly update article with our little poll, I thought I'd show you what I got whilst I was in Bournemouth (post coming about … Continue reading A tiny Flying Tiger Haul

Last Day of the challenge: The confessional

Hi Everyone, It is finally here. The day I reveal some of my secrets to you guys. I honestly don't know where to start. Does it have to be serious? Can it be about anything? Do you guys want to know specific things about me? I'll just write down 5 things I think are very … Continue reading Last Day of the challenge: The confessional

Day 6: If I could, I would

Hi Everyone, The end of the challenge is near! I will have to take a week of or two after this one because I'll be studying non-stop for my essays and final exams. I will still be active on Twitter tho so don't worry. Dozens of you have already joined me on there and it … Continue reading Day 6: If I could, I would

Day 5: The things I wish I had done differently

Hi Everyone, I have to apologize for yesterday's post going up so late (in London it was almost midnight when I published it). I had a challenging day at uni and when I got home, I went straight to bed for a nap but ended up waking up 4 hours later. Today we are talking … Continue reading Day 5: The things I wish I had done differently

Day 4: I am grateful for

Look at little 19 years old me, so naive and stupid. Hi Everyone, day 4 is finally here! I am running out of pictures for my thumbnails as you can see. I am generally grateful for a lot of things but I've decided to tell you what I have been grateful for today. The family … Continue reading Day 4: I am grateful for

A day in my life: York

Hi Everyone, Day 2 of my challenge! I went to York last week and I thought that It was more interesting for you to read about York and the perfect hotel I stayed at rather than read about one of my typical day at uni. I went to York for a day and a half … Continue reading A day in my life: York

Day 1: Get to know me better

Hi Everyone, Well, this is weird, finally doing a get to know me better post, after over half a year of blogging. Let's just get into it! I never know to talk about myself so please bear with me. I think It is fair to talk about where I come from first before we get … Continue reading Day 1: Get to know me better

The 7 day blog challenge

Hi Guys, So this is gonna be interesting.  I am not a regular poster. I try to post two/three times a week but I never keep a tight schedule and upload whenever I think is I was challenged by the lovely Amanda to post every day for a week. I realized that I haven't … Continue reading The 7 day blog challenge

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Hi Everyone, It is Eating Disorders Awareness Week soon (Monday 27th February to 5th March).  I was diagnosed when I was 16. It took me around 5 years, two psychiatrists and countless therapy sessions to recover. By recover, I mean gain back the weight I lost and be okay with it. I will still have damaging thoughts from … Continue reading Eating Disorders Awareness Week

My little Christmas Playlist

Hi Everyone, As promised, here is my Christmas playlist ! It includes Christmas songs of course but also songs that I have first heard around Christmas time. Songs about love, sharing & caring, kindness.. everything Christmas should be about ! Can't wait to hear what you think of it ! Enjoy ! Alicia  

Christmas Shopping on Etsy for under £15.00

Hi Everyone, I hope this post will not be published too late ! I still have a couple of gifts to buy and I thought why not check out Etsy and see what's going on. I found some amazing handmade gift ideas for this Christmas and I thought that I would share everything with you ! … Continue reading Christmas Shopping on Etsy for under £15.00

I really want to get to know you !

Hi Everyone, How are you ? Monday is here and I am writing this post from my phone. Finals are killing me and I thought I would talk to you for a bit before I go back to my boring study session. So let's chat !  Tell me everything ! Where are you from ? … Continue reading I really want to get to know you !

Can you stay body positive if you want to lose weight ?

Hi Everyone, Where do I even start ? Being body positive is loving your body at any size. It does not matter if you are skinny - thin - overweight or whatever. It comes from an understanding and a profound appreciation of what you got going for you. You can definitely love your body and … Continue reading Can you stay body positive if you want to lose weight ?

Thank you !

Hi Everyone, I hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you for all the love the blog has been receiving lately. The blog has over 200 followers now and to celebrate, I bought a nice little theme to upgrade the interface. I hope you like it ! I am always looking for new … Continue reading Thank you !

Ride the tube in music

I hate hate hate forgetting my headphones when I have to take the tube. You are forced to look around or entertain yourself with your phone whilst being aware of the gum smacking lady in front of you, customer service announcements and doors closing and opening over and over again. I put this little playlist … Continue reading Ride the tube in music

11 Vegan options from London Restaurants that are better than Sex

I was reading Grace Francesca  yesterday and I burst out laughing. Her post on 26 things better than sex was hilarious and way too real. I thought I would do the same with vegan food from restaurants in London which have given me some major orgasms over the past two years. ( I am not sponsored and I … Continue reading 11 Vegan options from London Restaurants that are better than Sex

MakeUp & Fashion : Fall Inspiration

Guess what I grabbed today ? InStyle - Special Anniversary Issue. I have to say, InStyle is not my favorite ( I have a strong preference for Dazed ) but it was there, I was bored and I ended up finding some cool new stuff inside. Since it is a special issue, they also included a Hand … Continue reading MakeUp & Fashion : Fall Inspiration

Fall MakeUp – Lips Edition ( and always Cruelty-Free )

Hi Everyone, How are you all doing today ? I am so excited for fall this year. I am not a fan of pumpkin everything ( I actually hate pumpkin ) but I am definitely into darker shades, for my clothes and my makeup. I have selected the four lipsticks I will be wearing this fall. … Continue reading Fall MakeUp – Lips Edition ( and always Cruelty-Free )