This post is all about my drafts

Hi Everyone, This is not really a post. This collection of headlines/drafts is pretty representative of the three months away from my beloved blog. I remember logging in, opening a page, writing the headline and closing the tab. Until I find my mojo back, enjoy my failed attemps at writing! ____ Living the vegan lifestyle … Continue reading This post is all about my drafts


3 months and counting

Hello, This is an update post (seems to me like this is the only thing I've been doing lately) The truth is, I don't know what direction to take with my blog. Now that I'm back in France, being a "veggieoverseas" blogger doesn't make sense anymore. I do love writing in English and sharing my … Continue reading 3 months and counting

A new beginning?

Hi everyone, I don't even know how to start this post really. I could apologise for being absent and shutting down the blog for a while but the truth is, I needed the break. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know. I'm moving back to Paris. This decision, whilst very sudden, was … Continue reading A new beginning?

Vegan Zucchinis & Red Peppers soup

Hello, Hello, Hello! I hope you are all having a fantastic day, wherever you are. By the time you'll read this, I'll be at the hospital getting rid of my wisdom teeth. So in honour of the incoming days without solid food, here is a little vegan soup I made a week ago. For this … Continue reading Vegan Zucchinis & Red Peppers soup

One Sweet Sweet Summer Tart

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all doing well. Here I am, with another recipe. For this one, you will need: White peaches (I used 5) 2 red apples Half a bowl of strawberry A spoonful of lemon juice Shortcrust pastry (1) Optional: a spoonful of cane sugar Cut all your fruits, it doesn't need … Continue reading One Sweet Sweet Summer Tart

What I ate in Paris: Vegan & Vegetarian 

Hi Everyone, How are you all doing? FYI, the post is entirely made of pictures of food. I try to cook most of my meals and take advantage of my parents' beautiful kitchen as much as I can. PS: of course I haven't photographed ALL of my meals. The pictures below are just a tiny … Continue reading What I ate in Paris: Vegan & Vegetarian 

My Kind of Playlist

Hi Everyone ! I am leaving Paris today and coming back to London. I have to catch my train very soon but I took some time to put together this little travelling playlist. I don't know about you but I like to listen to relaxing songs ( I mean, they are all relaxing to me … Continue reading My Kind of Playlist

What I eat in a day #2 – Vegetarian Recipes

Happy 14th of July guys ! First of all, I would like to thank everyone who decided to click on my tiny follow button. Today is my blog one month anniversary and it warms my heart to have so many beautiful people reading it. Whilst I do not have a lot of followers, I do appreciate … Continue reading What I eat in a day #2 – Vegetarian Recipes


Finally back in Paris after the longest train ride ever. We arrived so late and could not get a taxi. I got home around one in the morning and went straight to bed. Today was a lazy day for me, I did not go out, woke up late and spent my time with my family. … Continue reading WHAT I EAT IN PARIS – RECIPES IDEA