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My little Christmas Playlist

Hi Everyone, As promised, here is my Christmas playlist ! It includes Christmas songs of course but also songs that I have first heard around Christmas time. Songs about love, sharing & caring, kindness.. everything Christmas should be about ! Can’t wait to hear what you think of it ! Enjoy ! Alicia  

Music to overcome self-pity

What a promising title I know. But really, it is that simple for me. When I start obsessing too much about my “problems’. When I get into this addictive self-pity  spiral, when nothing sounds like a good option to make me feel better ( I am sure you know what I am talking about ). I turn to music.     I truly hope you like it. The playlist is almost one hour long. I find it really relaxing to listen to the whole playlist or a few songs just to get the attention away from what has been bothering you. As you know, I am into music and I have playlists for every occasion. I have listed all the playlists I have put together for this blog so far. Hopefully, I will have some time to create a special Christmas one for you guys ! Check out my other playlists ? Commute Playlist Saying Goodbye and Cozy Sunday Playlist Road Trip Playlist My Kind of Playlist The Positive Vibes Playlist 10 Songs To Dance To While …

Ride the tube in music

I hate hate hate forgetting my headphones when I have to take the tube. You are forced to look around or entertain yourself with your phone whilst being aware of the gum smacking lady in front of you, customer service announcements and doors closing and opening over and over again. I put this little playlist together which I listen to whenever I have to whip out my oyster card and cancel the background noise for the next 30 to 40 mins. Enjoy !

Saying Goodbye and Cozy Sunday Playlist

Hey Everyone, How are you ? How was your weekend ? The weather is surprisingly lovely today in London and I am heading to the park with a whole new playlist. I just said goodbye to my best friend who is taking the train back to Paris this afternoon. Funny how I hate leaving people behind but I am okay with them going away. The playlist is called Lazy Sunday and is available on Spotify. It is exactly 2 hours long. If you have any suggestions, I would be more than happy to give you access to it. The more the merrier ! Have a safe Sunday !  

Road Trip Playlist

Hi Everyone, First, the blog reached 106 followers which is pretty fucking awesome if you ask me. So a big thank you to everyone who decided to join me and read my posts. I can’t thank you enough for giving me a voice. I also closed the poll on the blog. It was not as effective as I thought it would be so until I get more feedback, I will keep writing about cruelty-free makeup and food, etc. I wanted to make a list of my favorite horror movies for you guys ( I went to see Lights Out and it inspired me – because it sucked ) but, I went on a Road Trip recently and I made a special playlist. And playlists are meant to be shared ! The movie list can wait and will probably be up on the blog next week. You never know, someone might go on a last minute road trip before uni/school starts again ! You can have a look at my other playlists over there, there & there. I would like to …

My Kind of Playlist

Hi Everyone ! I am leaving Paris today and coming back to London. I have to catch my train very soon but I took some time to put together this little travelling playlist. I don’t know about you but I like to listen to relaxing songs ( I mean, they are all relaxing to me ) when I travel as I have the tendency to be a little anxious. Leaving my family and friends behind is always overwhelming to me. Warning !  This playlist is all over the place. Just like me. I Need a Girl – P Diddy Ne Partons Pas Fâchés – Raphael Close To Me – The Cure Home – Foo Fighters  Why Do You Let Me Stay Here – She & Him Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie ( my life at the moment ) Goodbye Stranger – Supertramp  This Love – Maroon 5 ( remember when they were good ? ) The End of The world – Skeeter Davis Corinne – Metronomy I Try – Macy Gray  Hey Ma – Cam’Ron …

10 Songs To Dance To While You Cook

Today I stumbled upon a great article about chefs listening to heavy metal whilst cooking. Not that I consider myself to be a great chef or even a chef at all, but I do enjoy listening to music whilst I cook. I have a strong preference for happy beats and songs that will make me dance around the room. My lifestyle allows me to make lunch and diner at home about every other day. Since I make everything myself, it can sometimes take a long time and I find music to be a great inspiration and it helps the time pass. I have dozens of playlists in my Spotify for every occasion possible and often spend two to three hours a day adding songs to my playlists. The following songs are by far my favorite and have definitely been overplayed in my kitchen. Ray Charles – I’ve got a woman Lukas Graham – Drunk In The Morning Mase – Feel so Good  Nappy Roots – Good Day Eliza Doolittle – Skinny Genes La Femme – Sur …